Friday, December 28, 2007

Can you give away a present you love?

I am working very hard on my maid of honour's Christmas present. I know it is a little late but I saw Connie working on this sweater and had to make one myself my friend (Why is it that happens? Monkey see Monkey do)

Now I'm wondering if I really want to give this sweater away. I love the yarn and I love the fit of the sleeve so far. I might have to make another for myself because after all it is for my friend who has stuck by me through my whole life.

Get to the sweater you say? Well it is Lucy in the Sky from Cosmicpluto! I love the pattern!

I am knitting it with (of course) Dream in Colour Classy in the Cloud Jungle colour. It is a little hard to see because the lack of sun has really imposed on my picture taking.
I am being productive on the sweater regardless of all the other stuff that is on my plate. I need to track down a night stand (in my price range) that goes with my bedroom set. We bought ours and it was a good deal because it has been discontinued and it only came with one nightstand. Any tips for the hunt?

I remember when being on my Winter Break was like this....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm still alive

No I have not fallen off the face of the earth but It sometimes feels like it. Things at school are winding down (talk to me tomorrow after the primary concert). I have my voice back. Connie's December sock club pattern is almost done. My wedding dress fits (or rather is too big) and I'm behind in getting my invitations out. I have not done any Christmas knitting and I most likely will not this year. Aaron's birthday is next week and ... and ... and ... and.... Christmas is just that time of year isn't it. And a Christmas when you are planning a wedding and moved into a house and have a young puppy with crate a little overwhelming. So....Sorry I haven't been writing much, and I haven't been at Pick up Sticks much but.

I am still alive.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Something to think about

No knitting pictures today because although I have been knitting they are all the same things and look about the same point in taking pictures.

But I have been thinking while I have been knitting. I have been thinking about my Christmas knitting and how I like to make people socks for Christmas. Then I thought about how much I like to wear handmade socks. I thought ... boy I knit a lot of socks. Then I looked in my drawer for a pair of handmade socks and.....hey...there are only a few pairs in here. I have knit a lot of socks but not a lot of PAIRS of socks.

This week is a very busy week. Something to do every evening after work this week and then I am going to focus my attention on my Christmas knitting. I'm still not sure how I am going to have time for any presents but...somehow I will figure something out.

Oscar on the other hand has one of his Christmas presents early. It is a reindeer with long legs and arms. He carries it around and shakes it like crazy. Then rests to watch the world go by.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas WHAT?

I am back I hope. I'm still busy as can be but last night was the first night in a while that I have felt motivated to knit. Actually all I want to do right now is knit which is good because I still have samples to knit for Pick up Sticks and I haven't even started knitting for Christmas, and a still growing list of unfinished projects. That could be a problem! I think my knit for list will be greatly reduced this year.

Min and Pam of course (I just might not up it to sweaters this year)
Mom would love a pair of socks
Kathryn and Laura (scarves this year?)

I need to finish my report cards, go for the bridesmaid's first fitting Saturday, leave right from the fitting to dog training in Oakville (so Oscar gets to go to the fitting-lucky boy-and wait in the car).

Oh and my dress came in this week.Yippee!!

Anyway back to knitting, I'm still working on Heath, I stopped hating it again once I got past where I had to rip back. I'm also working on my Clapotis, I love dream in colour and I love this colour (Gothic Rose)

And Oscar wanted to help me take the pictures.

To leave you on a cute note. Here is my Oscar baby and my "tough-guy-he's-just-a-dog"fiance getting a "hug" (he calls it that not me)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My life revolves around my dog!

It seems like my puppy has taken over my life (I'm not to upset about that). I love to shop for him and buy him toys. I think he has more toys than some small children. I spend every Saturday with him. Going to Oakville and back for training. It is a long day and a lot of work but it is becoming a lot of fun.

I'm still knitting but it is little bits at a time so there isn't much progress to show.

If you are a dog lover you might want to check out this site for some fun.

Dogs with Blogs

I gave in thinking I could join but now apparently you need an invitation. But if you want to see more pics of my baby Oscar you can look here. You have to be a dog person I think to and even then you may think I'm a bit nutter.

My Oscar Baby

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween Tomorrow!!!

I LOVE Halloween. I have so much fun with the spooky season.

Last night I carved my pumpkins. I haven't carved pumpkins in years because my mom bought a light up jack-o-lantern when I was in high school and I haven't done pumpkins since. Oh...not totally true I did it once in University with my friend Mindy.

Tomorrow is the costume parade at work so I baked some goodies tonight.

And I have some that I made for a very good friend. Any guesses who will be getting this yummy treat? Maybe I ruined the surprise.... oops.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Where does the time go?

Remember when you were a kid and a year seemed like such a long time. A month seemed like a long time. Now as an adult it seems that the time just flies by. We have been in the house now for a month. We have almost the whole main floor painted and put back together. I have even enjoyed some knitting time.

I'm working on Heath for Pick up Sticks as well as a new Clapotis for me. I love the Dream in colour yarn. I'm working on the Dream in Colour Shrug in the Classy yarn and now my clapotis is in the dream in colour Smooshy. I want to knit with nothing but this yarn ever again. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but I LOVE IT!
We had two days last week when Oscar behaved himself in the crate. We aren't out of the woods yet though because today he wet the bed again. But we still love him. Even Aaron /"don't call me daddy to a dog" got down on the floor to snuggle. Oscar got right in there and fell asleep over Aaron's arm.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Painting and knitting

We have decided to paint the house. The builder said we should wait for a year in case we need to touch up any nail pops as the house settles. However we are working on the registry for our wedding and how do you pick towel colours and sheets when you don't know what colour the room is?

Our thinking now is that we either touch up the builder white when there is a nail pop or we touch up our colour. So we are painting.

I'm still working away on the dream in colour shrug and as the cold weather approaches I have picked up the sleeves for Thermal tonight for the first time in a while. (Connie I need to come and get that pattern from you for Heath so I can finish that for you)

I was also given a donation of knitting needles and yarn with some old patterns from a lady that I work with. It was enjoying looking at those patterns so I thought I would share them.

Mostly some cute baby patterns. Funny how the adult patterns go in and OUT (way out)of fashion and the baby things are always good patterns.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Settling in

I keep meaning to post but every time I log on to the computer I seem to have problems connecting to the Internet. I dunno why but tonight it decided to work.

I'm still having problems with my sweet boy Oscar. He is perfect in every way except when we are not home. He is barking and crying and peeing in the crate. He is throwing a fit. I only know this because I video taped him on Tuesday when I went to work. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm doing everything right but I don't see anything I try as helping.

I really should be working on Heath for Pick up Sticks but I forgot the pattern there a few weeks ago. I can't believe it has been that long since I have been there but that is what happens when you feel guilty leaving your dog at home alone knowing you are going to have to clean the crate when you get back (even if you only are gone for 45 minutes).
I have one new square of the Lizard Ridge blanket finished but I didn't take a picture of it so instead I started something else. I know that no one out there is surprised.
The dream in colour shrug in this lovely autumn colour called Chinatown Apple.

So I am very glad to be knitting again. Although I am still neglecting the scary office and guest room upstairs that have been the catch all for the stuff we don't know what to do with yet.

And in case your are interested....that is Oscar's Monkey that his Daddy (who doesn't like to be called "daddy" because it is a dog but still says "walkies" when he takes the dog out) bought him. Oscar loves this Monkey/Gorilla/Ape things that make Monkey/Gorilla/Ape type noises when you squeeze him. He loves this monkey and he carries around the house all the time. He will go back upstairs if he left it in the crate upstairs (now that he is sleeping in our bedroom) and bring it back down and carry it out the door when we go outside. I know I'm a little biased but I just think Oscar and his Monkey are the cutest dang thing going.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Things are starting to feel a little more like home now. The new TV is up on the wall. The dishwasher is installed, the gas line is run for the oven and there are curtains in the living room. Things are coming together even though they do seem to cost a lot of money.

Oscar seems to be adjusting well. We have had the odd accident and he really hates being in his crate but he seems to be doing great aside from that.

I have had the odd chance to knit. Little bits here and there. Things are slowing down a little. I have been pretty preoccupied with the house lately. The ladies didn't make it to the house on Thursday for Grey's but we are aiming for this week. I hope to have some knitting to show for soon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Camera is ..... somewhere.

There will be no pictures this post because ...well.... I can't find my camera. I know it is there somewhere but at the moment it seems to be hiding from me.

Don't worry you aren't missing much. There are piles of mess everywhere and there is no knitting happening. Last night after work I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. I had to fight it though because a) I don't want the dog to be up all night and b) my dishwasher was being installed. I have never been so excited about a dishwasher but I think I am in love with and appliance. Anyway the guy was great and it looked like a really tough job. He was there from 7pm until after 9:30 and because my dishwasher is around an L shape away from the sink he needs more pipe and has to come back. Tonight we have puppy kindergarten so he has to come back on Thursday.

I am also hoping to have the ladies over for Grey's Anatomy that night but I don't think he will be that long this time.

Other than the clutter right now (and a leek in the guest bathroom) I love my new house.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I have keys

I was going to say "We're in" but I can't yet. Perhaps after the weekend.

But today was closing day and it was surprisingly painless. I am now a home owner.
Here is some of the house (the picture makes it look bigger than it is:

Tomorrow I will be at the house for 8am because they are coming to hook up the phone and cable and stuff. I don't know when Aaron will be arriving with all the big stuff but I shall be doing little things while I wait around.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy stuff

Well we close in a few days. My life feels a little nuts right now. There has been no knitting because there has been only packing. And oh my there is lots of yarn to pack. I have something going on every evening from now until Friday (our closing day).

I'm a starting to be ready! I am happy and I am excited and I have to admit... a little bit nervous.

Today after school we do our walk through with the builder. I can't wait to see it. We have been going on weekends until we were locked out (even then we went to peek in the windows) but I'm excited to see the kitchen cabinets and counters

Oscar keeps crying in the night. It seems like we will have a few good nights and then a few bad nights. It is frustrating! Not only because we lose sleep (he was up before 4am today) but because I don't understand why. Tucker hasn't cried at all since that first week and Oscar keeps complaining. We put him out when he wakes up because he has had the odd accident in the crate but other than that I let him cry. I might tell him "quiet" firmly but it doesn't seem to stop him for long. Unless he hears someone move (as little as rolling over in bed) he will stop for 20 minutes before he starts again. Whining at first but then barking. I'm worried that things will get worse in the new house. I'm going to ask our trainer about it tonight at puppy kindergarten but I'm open to any other suggestions out there as well.

Other than that.....I move this weekend! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The countdown is on

I am waiting not so patiently for my house. It is so close yet so far. Now are closing date has been bumped again from September 18 to the 21st. It is only a few days and really closing on the Friday is better than a Tuesday but....darn.

I haven't been knitting much because the two little creatures have been keeping us all busy. I did catch them at a quiet moment though.

Ah yes they can be very cute!

I am still working on the Rowan Tapestry sweater for Connie and the store but those little lizard ridge squares are addictive. I have knit almost two more of them. I always find myself saying...."just as soon as I finish this ridge",.....then "just as soon as I finish this square".... then "hmmmm I wonder what this colour will look like.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back To School

What a great first day back at school. So exciting with new students and ....a new yarn store to visit.

I was a little neglectful of the things I am supposed to be knitting because I found a new love. It is the Lizard Ridge Afgan from Knitty. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I have knit my first two squares becuase I just couldn't help myself.

I'm not one for bright crazy colours because I wonder if they will really go with anything. Particularly for blankets and sweaters. I started with no desire to knit this blanket and when Connie suggested a knit-a-long for the store I thought I would just watch. Until of course I saw some of Connie's squares and then I had to look on Ravelry to see other Lizard Ridges. I was hooked. Now I can't stop. I feel the need to start new squares. I want to knit this one for myself and then keep going and do one for friends and family and .... and.... and...

Tomorrow night at the new Pick Up Sticks in Bradford is the official kick off of the Wednesday night Stitch 'n' Bitch as well as the Lizard Ridge KAL. Of course no one is obligated to participate in the KAL to come tomorrow so bring whatever you are working on. But I must warn you. These squares are FUN!!!

More fun that watching animated squirels on TV.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Under Pressure/ Have you heard?

Well September is coming VERY quickly now. As all the commercials tell us it is back to school time and along with back to school is back to fall knitting. You can't tell me you haven't found a few nights this week cool and a few brisk mornings. This is of course good news to a knitter.

Just in case you hadn't heard by now....

So in honour of the fall and for all of us out there that like to shop online but like to fondle yarn in person too......Pick up sticks is almost ready! Connie is getting very excited and let me tell you. I have seen it. I have unpacked yarn....and it is beautiful. My fiance will know where to find me when I'm not home.

It is very exciting. Connie has wanted this for a long time. I'm so happy for her.

I'm happy for me too because my first sock pattern is going out with the sock club this month. I am very proud but I feel a certain amount of pressure to please all those sock club members. It is my first pattern and I'm sure it is not perfect so take it easy on me ok!

I have also put all my personal knitting aside because I have samples to knit for the store. This is the first time I have knit with Tapestry. I like the colour blending very much. The pattern is making me a little sick of the purl rows but other than that I can't wait to see what the pattern looks like when it is done.

The two boys are being very crazy. They run around the house and the yard and the gardens. This is one of their quiet moments.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Say hello to Oscar

Here he is... The long awaited and much debated baby boy. Makes you wonder how there was ever any question about whether we should or should not be getting this puppy. He is so sweet ( so far ) and loves everyone he meets.

Friday we went up to Tanoak Boxer is Barrie to pick him up and I loved him right away. He cuddled with me to get home and was very well behaved in the crate when we put him in for a nap. We took him to the vet and then I went to Lettuce Knit for the spinning class which was very good.

*Aaron told me he had a really crappy sleep because the puppy was up all night except for about 2 hours

Saturday my bridesmaid from Kingston came with her husband to look at dresses. I was so glad to see her. It has been over a year. We found the dresses so that is one more thing to check off the list. We had a very nice dinner and then I went back to Aaron's house to see my Oscar baby. (Oh yeah and to spend time with Aaron too )

I told Aaron to go to bed and that I would spend the night on the couch for the pup and of course the puppy slept through the night. A mothers touch right? Hehehe.

Sunday we just had a relaxing day and then brought the baby to my parents house to play with Tucker and to get used to being here too. (because Aaron and I have shared custody for now).

Most of the time he was here Oscar and Tucker were going after each other and ripping around the back yard. I didn't like it one bit. They were so vicious (or I thought they were) My mom wanted me to let them because Tucker was being a little nasty and she wanted Oscar to put him in his place. I just didn't like the way Tucker used his short stature to nip at Oscars heels while they were running.

Then in the end they were so tired and they curled up like this.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh my goodness

My life is feeling very overwhelming. There are all sorts of great things happening but they are happening faster than I expected and all at once.

I think I should change this blog from a knitting blog to a dog blog. My fiance decided to surprise be by getting the dog we had been talking about for a while now. The unfortunate part is that we are not in our house yet and he is going to have the dog at his place for a month. That worries me a little bit because I want to be a part of our puppy's early time with us. US not just him and his family. He hasn't had puppies before they have always adopted/rescued dogs. So I hope he understands what we are in for and not just letting his excitement take over.

On the other hand I am very excited too. He kept me in mind when he went to look at the dogs and knew what I was looking for in a family pet. Our 11 week old boxer pup will be coming home with us (well to his house ) on Friday this week.

On top of that Friday night Connie and I have a spinning class at Lettuce Knit and then my bridesmaid from Kingston is coming with her husband to look at dresses and I wonder when I will get time to just play with our pup.

I am thinking about arranging with the breeder to go up sometime this week and to meet the mom and dad and see our new addition. I know Aaron has been given a lot of info but I want to hear first hand too. I have some questions as well.

I just hope our house isn't delayed again. I want this dog but I'm worried about money. We were thinking it would be a lot for the house and the wedding now add a young puppy who needs fairly frequent visits to the vet and it just about ready to start dog obedience classes.

I am feeling very excited and a little overwhelmed. WOW!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A week of puppy love

I am just starting to get my knitting time back up because Tucker has been taking a lot of the time and energy in the family. He has been so good so far. He goes outside to do his business and sleeps through the night. He doesn't mind being handled and he loves to be cuddled and loves his MANY toys.

He has had a bath and a visit with the vet.

He is getting a little more comfortable in the house and in the yard. By that I mean that he is starting to get into things ....EVERYTHING. It has been 13 years since we had a puppy in the house so it is hard to remember just how much energy they take.

He is a sweetie and I really enjoy having animals in the house again.

With all the doggy excitement I didn't blog about my cousin Sandra's wedding. It was the weekend that we got Tucker. I love having a chance to dress up a bit and to get Aaron to dress up. We danced like idiots and got some ideas of what to do and not to do for our own wedding.
Here is a couple pics of us at the party.
I am so excited to be getting married to him! The plans are falling into place. Tonight mom and I go and look at a photographer.
No knitting pictures because my main project right is a secret until the middle to end of August. I've cast on the sleeves for Thermal but that is about it. I have most of the secret project done and have a sample to knit for Connie at Pick up Sticks.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007



This is my parent's new dog. Yes the dog they weren't going to get. When we were dog-and-cat sitting for friends and we were getting ready for them to go home I said to my mom "it is going to be lonely with no animals around" She said "Yeah your dad said that too". Then I knew that we would be getting a new friend soon.

And here he is. He is an 8 week old Miniature Schnauzer and he is too cute. So I am back to protecting the yarn. I'm just sad that in two months I will be without a pet again because he is my parents dog and when we more he will stay with them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Deathly Hollows/Renewed love of Thermal

I have discovered the secret to knitting thermal for long periods of time. READ. Specifically read this!

I haven't been able to put the book down. I read it until the wee hours of the morning. And to be productive while I was reading I started to work on Thermal.

Connie has often asked me how I can read and knit and there are a few secrets. One is to be working on something that you don't have to pay attention to. A good example is plain stockinette socks or parts of sweaters that go forever back and forth or round and round with minimal stitch pattern or shaping.

My other secret is this:

In order to keep the book open I use one of my hair clips. This little one holds at least 150 pages no problem. And well that is about it. That's how I do it. I think Wendy Knits wrote about reading and knitting a while ago too actually so I know it is not just me and that you can do it too if you don't already.
P.S. The brick is done on the house and the NEW maple stringers and stairs are up. So tell me why it was a big hastle to replace them because it would take so long to order them and for the builder to get them and now...... they already are installed. Hmmm this is fishy. I think they just wanted to delay us because I was mad at them and they got mad back. (And yes they have bumped our closing date another two weeks because of the stairs that would take so long to get.)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I made the cat sitting cat a kitty bed. It didn't take long and I had some yarn sitting around that I wasn't going to use for anything else so cat bed it is.

I used 3 balls of Patons Classic Wool held in double

It took me about 3 days and then...the cat didn't want to lay in it. *sigh* He sniffed it while I was working on it and would come around and want some lovin' but was all said and done I put him in it and he got right back out and lay down beside it.

On the weekend when I was away, my mother decided she would help get the cat to like the bed. She bought some catnip and put the whole package into the bed. She turned my cat bed into a kitty drug lab. But she did catch him laying in it. ONCE! hahaha. Henry doesn't seem to care about catnip but if you look at the picture you can see SOME of the catnip in the bed. He is laying on the rest.

I have been trying to post but the laptop has been shutting off on me for no reason. It isn't hot. It isn't even on for that long sometimes and it will just quit. I hope everything is ok.
I have to go today to sign my mortgage. That is a little scary. I feel like I'm signing my life away. At least all of my money I guess. Better get going though. This working nights thing is good in some ways but I have been on the go everyday during the week this week and then have work at night.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Finally we got the problem with the house figured out. It took 4 days and a trip to my lawyer. Because after the talk with the builder the lady from the design centre called me back. Their solution to the problem was that they could replace the stringers and the price would be $1025 plus gst. I said "what is the full price of that upgrade?". That is the full price of the upgrade. " I told her I don't think that we should have to pay for their mistake at all let alone full price and I would need to think about it.

I went to the lawyer and he told me that if we want the upgrade then we should pay for it and the only thing we can do is to try to get that money back after. *sigh* But part of me thinks if there is any chance I would rather give some money to the lawyer than to the builder just on principal. But the bottom line is that I will not have oak stairs and maple handrails.


Finally! I'm on Ravelry!!!! I am hooked. I haven't had any time to post on the blog because I can't stop playing with it. I am still in the process of putting all of my me stash in it and pictures. OMG I forgot I had half of this yarn. It is a little crazy but it makes me happy that I have so many pretty things.

The problem is that I have found a lot of things that I don't like and will never knit with probably. I'm debating putting those on a well but I might keep it off because next year I'm hoping to start a kids knitting club at my school and it would be good to have some supplies of acrylic and the like.

If anyone has started a kids club like this please let know (knittingnonsense(at)yahoo(dot)ca )because I am trying to think of the things we would need but I'm sure I will have forgotten something and I'm also thinking of ways I can get supplies donated.

So come find me on ravelry. Send me a message and say hi! I love ravelry!!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

What?? or GRRRRRR!

I have animals for two weeks and they are very sweet. I miss having pets. The dog's name is Kelsey and the cat is Henry.

I also started my summer job today and have been doing lots of wedding plans so not much knitting being done. So much for finishing like mad on my week off. I did finally get my order from cafe press.

And I'm a little ticked off today. I don't know if anyone has had experience with this type of thing before any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We have been going out to the house regularly to see what is going on. Our stairs have been in the living room for a while now wrapped up. We looked in the wrap and saw Oak stairs. Aaron and I upgraded the handrails to maple.hmmmm we thought this is strange. I emailed the design centre a.s.a.p. on June 16th and didn't get any response until today! WHAT????

Then what they tell me is that the person we were dealing with upgraded our handrails but not the rest of the stairs. Are we supposed to know that?? Because now our options are to have the handrails downgraded to oak or she will upgrade the side of the stairs to maple at no charge but the "stringer" which is up the side where the wall is has to stay oak. WHAT????? I said "I was there on the weekend and the stairs are not installed so can we get the stairs we wanted?" Apparently no! The stairs have been ordered and manufactured and delivered. WHAT???? "But they are wrong" I said "this is our first house and we really want it to be what we wanted" Sorry the builder reserves the right to make changes. "So do I need to contact the builder about this?" Now she is going to contact the builder for me. I told the very nice lady that I understand that a mistake has been made but it needs to be fixed and that we had no way of knowing that there was a separate upgrade (because it only makes sense to have it as the same upgrade).

I kept my cool even thought I was freaking out. I refrained from the pyrotechnic display of swears that my fiance used. I also didn't threaten a phone call to the lawyer that he suggested. But I am considering a call to the lawyer just to see what options we have if any.

GRRRRR!!! Please any help or suggestions or words of condolence would be appreciated cuz I just don't know what else to do.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I smell like a sheep!

I decided that since I am on vacation I would let myself be really crafty. A few months ago I was given a fleece. I'm not sure if I blogged about it or not but a friend gave it to me. It is a whole fleece straight from the sheep. I don't know why he had it for me but he told me that if I didn't take it then it would just be thrown out. What would any fibre loving human being do I ask.....

Of course I took it. Did I know anything about taking raw fleece and preparing it to spin? NO! But I could not bear to throw it out when I love a new fibre learning experience. I had no idea what I was getting into.
Before you take a project like this on for yourself .... let me give you an insight as to what you would be getting into.

Here is the fleece as I received it. In a big old black garbage bag. It was oily but all it all it was wool and it was free.

And here it is out of the bag and spread out on the grass.

I spent the day outside picking the big pieces of stuff out so I could wash the fleece. You name it and it was there. Grass, hay, burrs, bugs and...poop.
I would put sections of it at a time into some hot soapy water to soak and clean. This was really amazing to me! The first bit that I submerged into the water not knowing just how this would work. It does it all by itself. The water becomes instantly murky with the oily dirty stuff.
This is the colour of the fleece before I put it in the dish soap and water.

And here it is after it has been washed and my first try at carding.
Amazing! This sheep was pretty close to white!

I layed out the washed fleece on my clothes horse to dry in the sun and got into some dying today as well. (I know I'm a busy bee) and then I noticed I had a friend watching.

So I watched her back. All I could think of was the Yarn Harlot's thieving squirrel. Was this duck looking to line her nest with my hard work? She left without touching the fruits of my labour but we were staring each other down for a while. The duck was not at all scared of me. I was walking around the back yard and she was eating the bird seed that had fallen on the ground. If I stopped moving she would start to come closer to me. Or was it just the fibre?

All in all I had a fun and productive day. My hands are very soar though. I'm not sure if it is from dipping them in and out of hot water all day (like doing hundreds of dishes) or the little bit of carding that I did, or a combination.