Thursday, May 31, 2007

Something to say for both

There is something to say for a project that you can stick with and persevere with. A long term relationship that takes a lot of time or a lot of concentration.... or both. To me this is Thermal. I love Thermal but it is progressing slowly. No matter how much I knit on it I don't feel like those rows of hundreds of small stitches are getting anywhere.

That leads me to turn to the dark side. I start to itch for that new project (not that I don't have enough on the go). That new Quick knit. Something that will be quick to jump onto the needles do what I want and then leave me satisfied. That short term relationship has been found in the Bonsai Tunic.

Here it was Wednesday night when I got home from school.

Here it is before I went to bed last night. (and a close up).

I am knitting it in Bio Bamboo which is 100% bamboo and ooooh soooo good. I bought it when Connie, Lisa and I were in Toronto. I think I got it at the Naked Sheep (Connie will correct me if I'm wrong) I saw it from across the store... it was knit into a tank top. When I brushed the tank top with my palm I was filled with desire. " Where is that yarn?" I had to take it home with me. The yarn does split a little and I have never knit with bamboo before but I do like it so far it is very soft and I enjoy it.

Monday, May 28, 2007

There's more to life than knitting?

That is what my mom tells me because heaven forbid that I sit down for any period of time and knit. I was out shopping all day yesterday in the rain. Looking at a lot of very ugly bridesmaid dresses. Yuck.

We got lost on the way to the place and it was a horrible day. I was glad to be out of the car and just sitting. But no... that is not ok.

That is why I was very excited about our house growing. We have a second floor now!

Click for bigger pics if you are interested.
This is Aaron in our master bathroom.
The view from the master bedroom window.

This is out of one of the spare bedrooms.
And the master bedroom from the door.

Saturday night we went out to see the house, a wonderful dinner and then to the drive in to see Pirates of the Caribbean. We couldn't stay for the second movie because we were both to tired but I did get a lot of work done on Thermal at the drive in. I know there are a few mistakes in the ribbing rows, due to not being able to see, and I fixed some of it but then decided no one will notice.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Smarties for Breakfast

I admit it.. having Smarties for breakfast on Friday morning seemed like the best option. I have no regrets. It made my work day a little better. It was a long day waiting to go see the Yarn Harlot at Indigo in Toronto. Check Connie's site for pictures of the hole trip down and everything. ( We play tourist really well)
And here she is. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. This picture doesn't show the amount of people there but you can see that we had to stand pretty far back. It was still definitely worth it. It wasn't like being in a book store it was like a comedy club (other than the table of books that was right beside us and that we didn't have chairs).
I really enjoyed watching the people that worked in the store watching the whole goings on. They looked a little dumbfounded and I caught a few laughing as well at some of the jokes.
In the end I had all of my books signed and we had pictures take of the Pick Up Sticks crew. Connie is holding "the sock" and Stephanie is holding my sock. Yes that made me happy because I'm a bit of a dork. After the last few weeks of my life I'm forgiven for getting overly excited about little things.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A sad good-bye

Today was the day we were hoping to avoid. We had to take Carlie to be put down. I...don't know what else to say right now but I think I am ok. She was falling sometimes and dragging her one foot when she got tired. I would rather it this way than if she fell and really hurt herself more.

We miss you!

Monday, May 21, 2007

She's Back!

Another busy busy week. I slept in so late on Saturday and could have had a nap today as well. I was very overwhelmed this weak to be honest. I knit two rows on a sock on Monday and didn't touch my knitting again until Saturday morning with coffee. My dad laughed at me that I couldn't even have a coffee in the morning without my knitting. I had been itching for it all week but to tired to knit all week.

So this weekend I have been knitting on Thermal. No pics of that tonight but I thought I would post some pictures of my house in progress. These are from a week ago when Aaron and I took our nephew out to see it. Kids and construction! He had a blast.

This is coming up our driveway to the front door.

This is from the front door.

And finally this is the view from the kitchen window where the sink will be. We think our lot goes to the black fence just past the road. Our basement is a walk out that is why it seems like my kitchen is so high up.
We went out this weekend too and the next floor is on. The floor but no upstairs walls yet. We will have to check again next weekend. Because things are really moving fast now that the weather has been nicer. I doubt we will be in by the end of July but keep your fingers crossed for us.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Time flies when you are dress shopping

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. I have been very busy this week between work and the wedding so there hasn't been any knitting to post about. This week isn't looking much better because there are lots of things going on in the evenings this week.

I was in dress shops almost every day this week and finally found my dress yesterday at Elmwood Brides in Aurora. They were great help there. They came highly recommended and I can see why. They didn't have as many dresses as I expected but every dress was beautiful.

I got it down to two and my mother my grandma and I were all in tears. It was a hard decision because there were so many beautiful dresses. I would post a picture but you never know if the fiance will see it. He doesn't check my blog but he reads it when I'm working on posts and then likes to read previous posts then.

I hope to be posting a little more this week but May is a crazy month. Happy knitting.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wedding distractions

We put the deposit on the place for our wedding today. Yippee! I'm getting really excited. I am back and forth a lot. Right now I'm very excited and it couldn't happen soon enough. On the other hand I start to think of all of the things that we still have to do between now and March of next year.

I am finished the first have of the clementine Shawlette (again) I like it much better this time. I don't have my camera here with me so I will post pictures tomorrow.

I am working on the shawl but I have not done much knitting until tonight. I have not been able to decide which of my projects to work on. I love everything I have on the needles right now. I just can't pick only one thing to work on.