Friday, December 28, 2007

Can you give away a present you love?

I am working very hard on my maid of honour's Christmas present. I know it is a little late but I saw Connie working on this sweater and had to make one myself my friend (Why is it that happens? Monkey see Monkey do)

Now I'm wondering if I really want to give this sweater away. I love the yarn and I love the fit of the sleeve so far. I might have to make another for myself because after all it is for my friend who has stuck by me through my whole life.

Get to the sweater you say? Well it is Lucy in the Sky from Cosmicpluto! I love the pattern!

I am knitting it with (of course) Dream in Colour Classy in the Cloud Jungle colour. It is a little hard to see because the lack of sun has really imposed on my picture taking.
I am being productive on the sweater regardless of all the other stuff that is on my plate. I need to track down a night stand (in my price range) that goes with my bedroom set. We bought ours and it was a good deal because it has been discontinued and it only came with one nightstand. Any tips for the hunt?

I remember when being on my Winter Break was like this....

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