Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Knitting again

Well the stress week is over and the last few days I have actually been knitting again. I took (yet another) inventory of my unfinished projects and found that I have quite a number of socks on the go. So that is my focus the next little while and I hope to have lots of finished PAIRS of socks by the time march break is over.

I was visiting Connie at Pick Up Sticks and it is very hard to come home empty handed.

I have some new sock blockers and then the yarn is Seacoast Handpainted in Cowboy (left in the close up) which is merino and bamboo and Zen Cashmere in Lavender (right/purple).

But I WILL FINISH SOMETHING before I cast on any more socks

....notice "something leaves it very open" I have no self control.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Non-knitting related/what a crap weekend

This post is not knitting related. This post unfortunately is pet related. I am only writing it because I don't know what else to do with myself right now. It is helping me to procrastinate from the things that I should be doing with my time.

Yesterday morning we had my grandmother's dog put down. When she came to stay with us 3 months ago we knew she had some temperament problems but wanted to give her a chance. We thought she was making so much progress and most of the time I know she was. The last week or more we had more problems with snapping and turning on our other dog. Once last week she snapped at me and almost bit my face. I don't understand why and I didn't know how we could help her. Friday night she just kept going for Carlie. She growled at me and then went after my other dog twice in five minutes. My dad put his foot down saying we can't live with her like that. I know it is true but I can't help but think that we gave up on her. I know we only had her three months but I have been around her since she was a puppy and I had accepted her in our family. I miss her.

I was surprised at how sad I was, how sad I still feel. But even more than that I was surprised at how sad my mom and dad were to. My dad didn't cry the way mom and I did but he really was shaken up.

I have so much work to do this weekend but I haven't been able to concentrate. I just sit and I have been knitting a bit but...I have to get this work done but I am having a tough time getting started. See I am procrastinating.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Connie!

Don't forget to go visit Connie's blog and Pick up Sticks today to wish Connie a happy birthday and to enjoy her 10% off to celebrate.

That out of the way. What do you do when you are stressed? This week has been a very busy one for me. It is a busy week working the job that I have and I have been getting prepared for the job hunt that will begin soon/has already begun. So last night instead of doing all the work that I really NEED to do what do you think I did to relieve the stress? I shopped!

Specifically I went to every yarn store in a 20 minute drive of my house. I was out dropping off a resume and thought," while I'm in Aurora I'll go by Needles and Knits (they are so super friendly there) and I bought some lace to make a shawl for me and a wedding shawl for my bf's sister (I'm still looking for a nice wedding shawl pattern if you have any recommendations leave a comment).

I also bought 2 bags of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran at Knit or Knot they had it on sale at the back of the store. I also dropped by Unwind to check things out there and bought a shawl pin.
And to make it complete I went to Serenity Knits and bought some Koigu (does no one in Newmarket buy koigu but me cuz they always have lots and I buy some every time I'm there).
So I am shopped out and have my fix. Does anyone else deal with stress this way?

Remember if you have any suggestions for shawl patterns for a wedding shawl in lace weight yarn let me know!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Disaster averted

No pictures today because I am at work without my camera. I only have a few minutes but I thought I would post to let everyone know that disaster has been averted once more in the knitting community. The second front is finished!!! (I know Connie will be happy to hear that one)

Connie called me Monday night and said not to worry about the mistake, if it were for me I would have left it as is but....not for me and I couldn't bring myself to leave it that way to be worn by a person who knits and understands what it should be.

Tonight amid my report cards and resume running I plan on getting the seaming done and the collar started (finished may be a little ambitious).

Remember to wish Connie a Happy Birthday tomorrow and flood her with comments (and perhaps orders over at Pick up Sticks)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Well CRAP...The doctor is in

I am very angry with myself. I have been knitting along on Connie's sweater trying to get it finished by Thursday when I am going to see her. I started thinking. This shaping on this side doesn't match the shaping on the other side. That is because of this way back at the beginning.

Can you see it because I can see it. And yes that is about 50-60 rows back from where I am now. I was getting ready to start seaming it tonight and pick up for the collar but no.

And Connie I was trying to get it done to surprise you with it but the cat's out of the bag now and I don't think I will make it. Sorry!

As much as it pains me and Connie says don't worry about it this side may be heading to the frog pond.

Added Later:
If this were Thursday it would be perfect to knit this while watching Grey's cuz I was doing surgery tonight.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

It wasn't a pointy stick

My poor bf. He has the worst luck with his eyes. He works in a weld department and has already had problems with his eyes and then on Friday he took the night off work to go to meet the lawyer and to go to the autoshow with his friend.

I get the call at 9:30 on Saturday morning. "I'm on my way home from the hospital" WHAT? so I'm thinking he and his buddy were in an accident or something. Turns out he was walking through the underground parking lot and walked by one of the air vents. Dust blew into his eye and he didn't think to much of it other than it didn't go away on it's own.

He went home and went to bed and was woken up at 5:30 by pain and swelling in his eye. He started to drive himself to the hospital until he thought maybe I can't see as well as I should. So he called his sister to take him the rest of the way.

Bottom line he had a piece of metal stuck into his eye. The doctor had to freeze his eye and use tweezers to remove the piece of metal and then had to "grind" (YIKES) the rust off.

He is ok but the eye is very sensitive to light and it is very bloodshot. And me ... the sympathetic girlfriend couldn't stop singing the song from the Pointy Sticks pod cast "it might hurt but you won't die when I poke you in the eye my dear" He didn't find it as funny as I did.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Another busy week

It has been almost a week since I last posted and I don't have much on the knitting front. He he in front of Connie's Sweater that I was working on tonight...oh my I am too funny...must mean I need to go to bed.

I am fighting this nice little cold and sleep seems to be the only thing I am motivated to do.

I thought since I don't have much knitting to share tonight I would share my valentine's gift from the "needle puller".

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The silence

No not the silence of the lambs but equally as scary. I am talking about the silence that scared my bf.

Last night I was at his house for dinner (made it just in time back from Kitchener) after dinner we were chillin' on the couch watching TV and chatting with his mom and I was, of course, knitting. I was working on the Whiskers and paws sock which I still love and am almost to the toe. My bf thought he was being funny and he started to wiggle my arm. Just as words of warning started to come from my lips the arm wiggling pulled my pony pearl out of half of the stitches.

I didn't have any more words. He sucked in a breath. "Oooooh, I'm sorry. Can you fix that?" "sigh, I hope so." I inspected the various loops and strands wondering what was a yarn over and what was knitted, what was a strand in front and what should be picked up and knit. All the time trying to remain calm. And what does the idiot do? Keeps talking. "did you fix it?" "is it bad?" "I'm sorry" "I'm going to go check my email and hope you have it fixed when I come back"


I did fix the dropped stitches after tinking back 3 rows. His mother reminding me that I could have him eating humble pie for quite a while. And in the end what did he have to say for himself?

"I'm going to be in the blog tomorrow aren't I" Yes honey ... yes you are.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


All I need was a new sock to renew my knitting vim and viggor. I finished the sock for my bf's sister last night. Only problem is that I want to give the socks to her tonight and they are still wet from washing them at 10pm last night (imagine that).

Normally I don't wash socks before giving them as a gift but there was a little accident when knitting the first sock. Aaron and I went out to the building site to see progress on the house. This was back before Christmast when it was nice and warm and MUDDY. I got out of the truck and the sock fell out of the car and yes...into the mud. I let it dry and got the worst off without rubbing it in but thought I would have to wash them when the pair was done so they would both have been washed. I am of course as last minute kinda girl so now I am paniking that they will not be dry by the time I go for dinner tonight.

Today I am going to Kitchener for my great uncle's funeral. He was 91 and had been living for years with one lung and one kidney and still happily playing golf. The last little while he was in and out of hospital and last weekend it was just a matter of hours. He was a hip old man and very with it. At this point I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry that he won't be there to make us laugh and tell us stories about his life the way he did when I was growing up.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The fix

It is inevitable isn't it. When you are hit with that can't stop thinking about it until you get your next fix.

This was mine.

It is the Whiskers and Paw Prints pattern by Teresa Walunas and the yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in the Old Rose colourway.

So far it is holding my attention but I haven't had much time to knit. It is on my mind while I can't knit. Such as...
Tonight my mother wasn't home from my Grandmother's house. Thursday is my parent's bowling night. I use this time for lots of lounging on the couch, knitting, and watching Greys. Tonight I went along with Dad to bowl in Mom's place.
To be honest I had a lot of fun. I was even thinking about going back. However the whole time I was waiting for my next turn I was thinking I should have brought my sock. If I were to go again I would definitely take a plain sock with me.
The negative part was that I set my VCR to tape Grey's and CSI only to come home to find I had set it to the wrong channel. I am crossing my fingers that it is on tomorrow night.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is there a cure?

Is there a cure for the itch. The desire to start a new project when you have 11 on the go as it is? The desire to start a new pair of socks when 8 of the 11 projects are socks? I have the itch! I am trying to fill the void by flitting from one project to the next.

I have a the second DB Jacket and the socks for Aaron's sister that are my priority. Mainly the socks because I need them done this weekend. A few solid hours and they can be finished but I can't seem to make myself work on them. I picked a simple pattern so they wouldn't be a straight knit but still simple enough to go by quickly because my Christmas list was long. Now I'm so bored with the pattern I have even considered ripping out both socks to start something more interesting. ... Just to cure the itch.

How do you cure your itch?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm in the club

I've been thinking about doing some online knitting shopping. Then this morning just moments ago I checked Connie's blog. She got her registration for the Rockin' sock Club so I had to check my email to see if I got mine. Yipeee. There is my online shopping and I'm very excited.

780 people on the waiting list. WOW!!

Last night I did a lot of school work. Doing a lot of organization and things so not much knitting. My goal for this weekend is to finishedthe socks for Aaron's sister. They didn't get finished for Christmas but her birthday is next weekend.

In keeping with Connie's theme of pet pictures and keeping in mind I have no significant progress to show you. Here is my fish Kyle. I bought a fish last year when my class was learning about living things. He traveled back and forth to school and survived a few spills during his travels. Still swimming!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

No knitting content in this post because ....well.... there hasn't been a lot of knitting.

On Tuesday I went out with some girls to see....

I have never been to a "pop" concert before. In my concert going days I have seen The Tragically Hip, Finger 11, STP, Days of the New, Creed even Tool. I love music of all different kinds and I do enjoy Justin Timberlakes new CD and do own a copy. I was never a boy band kinda girl growing up but I must say......WOW! He came out and not only was singing and dancing (yeah no surprise there) but was playing guitar and piano and DJing and keytar. I was impressed.

I loved that during the intermission Timbaland came out and DJed for a while. I love his beats which is the reason I think I like the new Justin CD.

One thing that I was really disappointed with was the organization. We walked into the ACC from Union and then two lines went right back out the sides. We were there about 7:15 I guess (later than we meant yes) and the show was to start at 7:30. So we went and got in line and found the other people we were going with and then waited out side for 45 mins. We missed Pink the openning act and sat down just to see her last song and then wait throught the intermission. Not just us either the HUNDREDS of people that they didn't seem to be letting in.Once the line moved we went right in a to our seats but we stood outside not moving the majority of that time (I know because we stood beside a garbage can... yuck).

The other thing I learned at this show is that I am definately getting too old for this type of thing. Maybe not age old but maturity old. I am so sick of other girls making the female population look bad. I have done my share of screaming at concerts but not "JUSTIN I LOVE YOU" from the 3rd balcony. Hello honey but he can't hear you and if he could he doesn't care. The only one who cares is me because you are screaming like an idiot in my ear. I also understand the feeling that you should look nice when you go out but ..... These people were so dressed up!! and why is it that when a girl puts on some clothes and a lot of make up a switch is turned that said girl must walk around looking mad at everyone and just all around B**CHY. Silly little girls.

There I'm done.The negativity has been let go.

Overall, a great show. I was really impressed. A fun (but late when you have to get up and go to work the next day) night.