Monday, July 09, 2007

What?? or GRRRRRR!

I have animals for two weeks and they are very sweet. I miss having pets. The dog's name is Kelsey and the cat is Henry.

I also started my summer job today and have been doing lots of wedding plans so not much knitting being done. So much for finishing like mad on my week off. I did finally get my order from cafe press.

And I'm a little ticked off today. I don't know if anyone has had experience with this type of thing before any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We have been going out to the house regularly to see what is going on. Our stairs have been in the living room for a while now wrapped up. We looked in the wrap and saw Oak stairs. Aaron and I upgraded the handrails to maple.hmmmm we thought this is strange. I emailed the design centre a.s.a.p. on June 16th and didn't get any response until today! WHAT????

Then what they tell me is that the person we were dealing with upgraded our handrails but not the rest of the stairs. Are we supposed to know that?? Because now our options are to have the handrails downgraded to oak or she will upgrade the side of the stairs to maple at no charge but the "stringer" which is up the side where the wall is has to stay oak. WHAT????? I said "I was there on the weekend and the stairs are not installed so can we get the stairs we wanted?" Apparently no! The stairs have been ordered and manufactured and delivered. WHAT???? "But they are wrong" I said "this is our first house and we really want it to be what we wanted" Sorry the builder reserves the right to make changes. "So do I need to contact the builder about this?" Now she is going to contact the builder for me. I told the very nice lady that I understand that a mistake has been made but it needs to be fixed and that we had no way of knowing that there was a separate upgrade (because it only makes sense to have it as the same upgrade).

I kept my cool even thought I was freaking out. I refrained from the pyrotechnic display of swears that my fiance used. I also didn't threaten a phone call to the lawyer that he suggested. But I am considering a call to the lawyer just to see what options we have if any.

GRRRRR!!! Please any help or suggestions or words of condolence would be appreciated cuz I just don't know what else to do.

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Angela said...

Like both shirts.

Love both animals.

Dislike the lack of knitting.

Hate builders who don't consult.