Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A night of calm

This is the first night I have felt really relaxed in a while! I went to Unwind tonight to visit with the ladies. Quite enjoyable.

What is more relaxing that knitting and fish....they are supposed to be relaxing right?

This is my fish Kyle! Yes the fishes name is Kyle.

I bought the fish last year for my class when we were studying living things in the spring and he is still alive and well (we have wondered a few times but he is still swimmin'). Not bad for a fish in a bowl I would say.

And after tonight here is the progress on the Adare Manor sock.

I am excited about maybe doing the toe tomorrow night but I am going to be at the school until after 7pm tomorrow so we will see how awake I am after that.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Isn't it annoying when you work for a while on a blog entry only to lose it. Grrrr. that was yesterday. So today I feel a little less excited to post what I already wrote about but some will also say it is my own fault for not saving drafts as I go.

Saturday was the bf's Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. Pretty good food and even better wine and a full day to recover yesterday. I don't drink much or very often so it was bad news. I'm glad this pic was taken early on because I really like this pic of us and I probably didn't look so cute at the end of the night tee hee hee.

I must say that I really like to see him in a tie. This was the second time in almost 5 years. I like an excuse to dress up a little and wear cute shoes.

I love that my bf knows me so well. He may not always completely understand me but he knows me. This was our conversation in the car on the way to the bank on Saturday. I pulled out my sock as we pulled out of the driveway.
"Sarah we are going to be stopping in two minutes"
"I know"
"but you can get a row done by then eh"

This is what I was working on. Meghan I love this pattern! Here is the Adare Manor sock so far!

And a close up of the pattern

And this is pattern I have chosen for my brother-in-common-law for Christmas. I hope he likes it.

And this is the colour and the progress so far.

A little boring so far since I have this fun sock to work on! Back to it!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sock it to me!

I am feeling rejuvinated. On Wednesday I was trying to knit a sock and could not get into it at all. Since last night I have been able to think of nothing else. Particularly because I have cast on a new pair (and finished one mind you!)

Here are a pair that will be given away for Christmas.
So I have cast on another pair for Christmas. They are Fleece Artist sock yarn and the pattern is Adare Manor. A pattern by the talented Meghan Jackson and was a part of the Sock of the month club over at Pick up Sticks.

I love it so far and can hardly wait to finish this and get back to it.

Tomorrow is the christmas party and my bf's work. It should be a blast! We have a hotel room for the evening and it will be nice to see some of the people that I used to work with in the summer. I am looking forward to having a weekend to enjoy myself and not have stress on me. Plus I'm excited about getting all dressed up for a night out. I had to take the bf shopping for pants a shirt and a tie..this is new for him. He is a very casual guy but he cleans up nice!

Back to my sock!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A knitting standstill.

Tonight is my night to take a breath and relax. I'm sure that breath will extend itself to the rest of the week as my biggest stress at the moment is out of the way. Phew!

Unfortunately there isn't anything to show because I haven't been knitting much...ok ... at all.....I'm running out of time really fast too. YIKES.

So I will have pictures soon and hopefully more time to blog. For now I'm going to get back to knitting...something with bigger needles that will progress fast. Like a Hat for my brother-in-law

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One down...many more to go

The first Christmas knitting item is finished (remember my list of about 10? I am a bit obsessed with lists so I added one to the sidebar).

They are the Thrum Mittens:

Pattern : Fleece Artist Thrum Mitten Kit
Needles : 3.5 clover bamboo dpns

I love these mittens and as a teacher they are great for yard duty. Somehow one never seems the same size as the other. I don't know if it is because the first one gets tried on a few times along the way or if my stress level is so through the roof right now that my knitting is getting tighter and tighter as the days to Christmas tick away.

Tomorrow I am going to see Wicked. I am so excited. It means Friday is going to be a very long day but it should be great. My friend and I have a car to take us to the show and we are going to have dinner before the show.

Other than that I hope that I get over my cold soon because I just feel more and more wiped out.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


It is official news time! I didn't want to say much before in my ramblings because things weren't for sure and I don't like to...well you know.

Anyway! My bf and I have just been approved for a morgage on a townhouse! WAHOOO! I'm so excited and scared my mind is everywhere.

I usually love Thursdays because the house is empty and I get a ton of work done but tonight I can't concentrate. Usually I love to be left alone for few hours and tonight I can't stand it and am feeling very lonely.

I don't want to call my family when my parents aren't home but I'm dying to tell everyone about the house. Maybe I need to do some laundry to calm myself. Yikes I really don't know anything better to do with myself.

Last night's knitting did not involve the baby blanket or socks it was Thrum Mittens. They should be finished tonight I would think.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How sick do you have to be?

Today I was faced with that question. How sick do you have to be that you will miss out on knitting with your friends. The answer is simple. You have to throw up and have a pounding headache, spend most of the day unintentionally not eating and sign your name more times than you can count. This is a sure way to put yourself in bed for the night.

It is now just after 8pm I still have the headache but the sick to my stomach feeling is pretty much gone and I am fairly sure than baring any unforseens I will be at work tomorrow. I can't afford to miss a day of work(money wise and time wise there is just so much to do)

So my plan tonight is to finish this post, have a relaxing bath and then knit a bit before bed. I know that isn't helping me to get work related stuff done but I just can't focus with this pain behind my eyes. The question then becomes... border on the baby blanket (yep I'm finally on the border) or socks? hmmmmm

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What happens to time?

I was just looking at my calendar, thinking, and planning and thought to myself...OMG where does the time go. I remember when I was a child how long a year seemed to be and how in November, Christmas seemed so far away let alone summer holiday away from school.

Now that I am an adult a year seems to go buy in the blink of an eye. Work is going crazy this time of year. I have family asking if we have started our Christmas shopping yet! (Does Christmas knitting count even if very little progress is happening?). When did it become November all of a sudden? OMG and then once Christmas hits it is only a few more months until summer and summer vacation. Then I have to wonder where my job will be then?

This question is becoming more and more a preoccupation on my mind. Partially because I have always thought that this summer should be a time when I think of getting out of my parents house and out on my own. Then this conversation turned into wanting to move in with my bf. All of a sudden, taking our time and moving slowly is right around the corner.

Tonight my bf and I sat down with my parents and had a talk about us moving in together. I feel so much more comfortable with moving ahead knowing I have their support. WOW!! I know I'm probably rambling on. I have so much in my head right now I don't know what to do with it so....while I'm trying to get to sleep I am blogging about my whirlwind life.

I guess the question I am left with is...if time seems to have sped up so much since childhood does it just keep passing faster and faster as we age? Any thoughts?