Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh my goodness

My life is feeling very overwhelming. There are all sorts of great things happening but they are happening faster than I expected and all at once.

I think I should change this blog from a knitting blog to a dog blog. My fiance decided to surprise be by getting the dog we had been talking about for a while now. The unfortunate part is that we are not in our house yet and he is going to have the dog at his place for a month. That worries me a little bit because I want to be a part of our puppy's early time with us. US not just him and his family. He hasn't had puppies before they have always adopted/rescued dogs. So I hope he understands what we are in for and not just letting his excitement take over.

On the other hand I am very excited too. He kept me in mind when he went to look at the dogs and knew what I was looking for in a family pet. Our 11 week old boxer pup will be coming home with us (well to his house ) on Friday this week.

On top of that Friday night Connie and I have a spinning class at Lettuce Knit and then my bridesmaid from Kingston is coming with her husband to look at dresses and I wonder when I will get time to just play with our pup.

I am thinking about arranging with the breeder to go up sometime this week and to meet the mom and dad and see our new addition. I know Aaron has been given a lot of info but I want to hear first hand too. I have some questions as well.

I just hope our house isn't delayed again. I want this dog but I'm worried about money. We were thinking it would be a lot for the house and the wedding now add a young puppy who needs fairly frequent visits to the vet and it just about ready to start dog obedience classes.

I am feeling very excited and a little overwhelmed. WOW!


Andrea said...

Spinning class at LK is great. Leads to wheel buying though, be careful.

Yay for the puppy!

Sarah said...


The damage is done. I bought a wheel a year or so ago and have been learning myself but I wanted some "real" instruction so off to LK I go.

I'm getting really excited to meet my puppy.

Meghan said...

I just told Connie the other day that I'd bet you have a puppy of your own before the year is up!!!


What a hectic year for you -- it's all been great!

Can't wait to see you on Friday for the class!