Friday, June 30, 2006


Wow! What a week. This has been my first experience with the end of the school year from a teacher's perspective. WOW. You think things are winding down and then the last few days things wind right back up again.

As far as knitting goes, Wednesday was the Charlotte's web shawl cast on party. It went really well. All of us have chosen different colours and it was fun to be sitting with a group that are all knitting the same thing as you. I loved the pattern and the colours and flew past the first colour change without a care in the world.

Then I went home. I was tired, I got a little angry with my dad, I went to bed a little wound up and decided to keep knitting. It was not long before I had a problem and could not find the solution. I was about 50 rows in and then,......RIP. So I started again. Things were progressing well but perhaps lace shawls are not to be knit in bed tired and cranky, because I messed it up again.

Anyway today I ripped for the 3rd time and so far things are back on track and I'm about 30 rows in so "knock on wood" I think I need to pay a little more attention. But I love it and I will post a pic soon. My office and my computer is currently covered with teaching materials.

Phew....I'm exhausted. Things are finally winding down. I think I will go watch what not to wear and go to bed. No lace knitting in bed though....well maybe just until I get too tired?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I love getting mail!

Is it bad that sometimes I order things and forget what I ordered?? I got a package notice today and wondered what I was going to pick up. It's like Christmas in June (but I paid for my own presents). This is what it was:
This is what it looks like when you open the package.
And here is the Vesper yarn.

There is a little here for me and for Connie and for Meghan. The two pictured alone are mine, Jungle boogie is the green and neopolitan is the pink one.

The sock that I started on my pony pearls might have to be torn out so I can start one of these. It won't feel bad I only just finished the toe.

Casting on for Charlotte's web tomorrow night!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Today is one of those days. I'm not in a good mood or a bad mood I'm somewhere in the middle of nowhere...I'm BLah. I can't decide what to do with myself this evening so I decided this would be it for a little while. Even this pic is a little blah looking....but the stuff in the pic is WOW!!!

Last night was my birthday dinner and it was fabulous. The girls and I had a great time. They completely spoiled me!!! I am sorry for the bad batteries were dying so there is almost no colour in this pic. But these are my wonderful gifts. The ladies gave me two sets of pony pearls which of course I had to try right away and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are so smooth and light and a little bit flexible. How did I not have these before? They also gave me my first drop spindle, a book about spinning and some fleece artist fibre guessed it... green. WOW! I told ya ... .spoiled!

Don't expect to see any yarn from this fibre yet. I definately do not know what I'm doing. It may have to sit and wait for a while but I am very excited. Thanks again girls for a wonderful night out and my new goodies.

Finally there was a little bit of good news today. I got a job for the fall. I am excited but not because it is not a contract job it is another temporary position and it is half time and not full time but I'm thrilled that I know I have something and some options instead of stressing about what I'm going to do with my self in September.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beautiful day for a sun burn

Yesterday was my cousin's baby shower. The blanket was done just in time. She seemed very happy with it and I hope it is comfort to the new baby when it arrives and for years to come.
Here are the finished pictures.

It was a fun afternoon. I worked on my trekk along sock and watched the kids (that I remember as infants) play with the water hoses until an over the fence ice cube war started with the kids next door. My uncle put a quick stop to it when the punks next door (who all had mouths on them that would shame a sailor) started throwing golf balls and bottles with water over the fence.

Today the trekking sock came with me to the car show where even in the shade of our tent I managed to get a little red round the shoulders. All of that aside today was a beautiful day. On the drive back to town I finished the sock.

I came back today and my dear dad has put the shelves up for my entertainment centre in my room. This is exciting because it doesn't have to sit on my chest anymore and I can get at the stuff that is in there. So I'm going to get ready for my birthday dinner with the knitting girls and maybe start to put stuff on the shelves. Thanks dad!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Well another birthday. I turn twenty-five today. I was thinking about birthdays today because I do teach 6, 7, and 8 year olds. The child's view of a birtday is so different from the adult's view. My kids will come and tell me that their birthday is soon. "Oh really?" I reply, "when is your birthday" (thinking i knew all the birthdays that happen in the month). "It's in August" They get so excited they are waiting for it months in advance. Sometimes even 1/2 a year in advance. As an adult the world still turns on your birthday. You still have to go to work and try to get a new job and it feels like any other day but you might eat cake.

Tonight I had a call from my friend. She and I have been friends since we were looking forward to our birthdays months in advance. Now she just likes to remind me that I am 4 months older than she is.

My plans for tonight included....imagine this...knitting and watching TV. It was a wonderful plan. I feel tired, I have work tomorrow. So my friend called to wish me happy birthday and ask what I'm going to be doing tonight. When I told her not much (oh it is so nice to do nothing) she would not have it. So in a little while I am going out for a drink with her. I know I will have fun and I am glad to be able to see her, but I do have a baby blanket to finish by Saturday.

I have recieved some wonderful gifts for my birthday. My mom and my grandma bought me my knit to go pouch and tickets to see the Lord of the Rings play in the city. Meghan made me some beautiful stitch markers and a cute card with knitting on it( you are a tallented one!! they are beautiful). Today one of my grade two girls brought me carnations and timbits to share with the class. WOW!!!

And what about the bf you ask? Ok well you may not ask but I'm going to tell you anyway. I spoke to him today on my prep. I was feeling stressed about looking for a job and some other stuff. At the end of the call he did not say Happy Birthday. He did redeam himself by bringing me flowers on his break. He had to run in give me a kiss and run out but it made me very happy. They are beautiful flowers too. Very happy and summery colours and a little tiger plush toy to keep them company on my beside table.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Early morning post

I really shouldn't be posting right now...I should be leaving for work. But I am feeling very lazy and all I want to do is knit. I know once I get to work that I will get into my role. It always happens that way. I am not a morning person. I do not want to get out of bed and why should I. I'm comfy, I'm sleeping, and life is always good while you are asleep. Then I go to work and as much as the kids get a little crazy with only a week left of school I have a great group. My first class and I will always remember it.

Anyway a little bit of knitting and then I have to run out the door. Saturday is my cousin's baby shower. I have the blanket almost done. I'm still plugging away at the border. That never ending border. I rounded the second corner last night so I guess it will end sometime. It better be soon.

And here is the lemon grass sock that I have ripped and changed the pattern for 3 times. If I didn't like this one I was going to knit a plain sock. This one is a crooked cable pattern from sock bug I think. I found it on the internet and it was hard to see in the picture what to expect. Anyway it is cute I like it (so far) it is again hard to see in the picture but an interesting pattern keeping me thinking. The darker picture doesn't show the colours but shows the cable a little more and the lighter one shows just how bright the Lemongrass Socks that Rock is.


Monday, June 19, 2006


I gave in today and attacked that area that I call my office. Otherwise known as a corner of our unfinished basement. I have started to bring my things home from work so that I don't have to pack my car on the last day. Of course all of that stuff ended up on the floor, on my desk or on the futon in my "office.

Just so you understand. My "office" is where I have my desk, computer, shelves, all my teaching things, resources, art supplies etc. and of course all of my knitting stuff, yarn and all that.

I feel much better that I can see my Ikea rug again. (does it ever need a good vacuuming) I don't know where I'm going to have room for the rest.

So not too much knitting so far today...well.... none acctually. After dinner I plan to settle in and work my way through the hockey game. I want to watch the game but I don't follow hockey that much. I just hope that a Canadian team wins! GO EDMONTON!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


What a relaxing weekend. I enjoyed being lazy.

I have finished one of my dad's father's day socks, and yes father's day is almost over.
Here is my photo update of some of my new stash.
Koigu for Charlotte's web.
I think this one with the brighter colours will be the first.

And the socks that rock that came in. I have already cast on with the Lemongrass. Yes I am weak.

And finally a finished project. The koigu socks. They are so comfy, the first thing I have ever knit in koigu and now I'm hooked.

drowning my sorrows in yarn

Well I don't feel all that sorrowful but I am a little disapointed. Anne told me she figured I didn't get the job when I wasn't posting and she was right. I didn't get the job but I still feel positive.

That honestly wasn't the reason I haven't been on. My computer at home has been acting a little funny. I hope that there isn't a real problem. Then my bf goes and buys this laptop that I have been playing with all night and I want to keep it for my very own. Anyway my computer has been freezing and being funny since I was working in my report cards so I have had no patience. Do computers feel stress about report cards?

I do have some pictures to post but they are on my camera at home and I am at the bf's place for the weekend as usual. The Socks that Rock that the girls from the store and I ordered came in, and the koigu. Now we are just waiting for Emma to get her order and the Charlotte's web knit-along will begin.

I will post my pictures tomorrow. Well I guess because I can't sleep and am posting this at almost 2am it will be later today.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The waiting game

I have no pictures today because I have been doing a little tiny bit of sock knitting and mostly working on the incredibly tedious baby blanket border. What was I thinking that I could do that in a night or two.

Plus I am completely preoccupied with the interview. I am just waiting for the call. Do I have a job or not have a job that is the question. My references have already been called so I hope that is a good sign. If he was completely uninterested he would not have bothered to call them. It is nice that I am currently working with two of my references and that they will tell me these things.

So I am thinking about the job and thinking about report cards and that I only have two weeks left with my first ever class of my own (sorta). Time flies when you are too busy to know what to do with yourself.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What a weekend

I had such a great weekend. My mom and I were at Unwind for World Wide Knit in Public Day. It was great. All of the regulars were there and a few newcomers a few people interested in learning to knit. Overall a generally good time. It was rather cold so we had to bundle up and after a while we gave up and hid inside were we could stay warm.

This is some of us outside of the store. We were the early starters ready to go in the am.

This is my Mum getting her socks on two circulars lesson from Connie. I'm so proud of my mom. She gets easily discouraged and doesn't think she will ever feel confident about her knitting but she is doing great.

Here is Emma and her Trekk along with me sock. She is further along than all of the rest of us because Connie, Meghan and I got a little preoccupied with knitting lace shawls so...We better get back on track and take a hike together.

That was our knit in public day. It was great!! I wore the snowdrop shawl but it was so cold I had to trade it in for a sweat shirt. But just so you can see how it turned out.......

The rest of my weekend involved watching my bf's nephew. It was only going to be a movie at first (we went to see Cars) and then Aaron was calling his sister to ask if Noah could stay over. So today we took him to the flea market to buy him candy and hot wheels cars and then we took him to the park until we were too cold ("but I'm not cold auntie Sarah") and then I came home to go for dinner at my grandma's place.

And yes the four year old has his own mini four wheeler that he and his uncle play with together. Now tell me who was this thing really a gift for?

Overall a great weekend. I am very tired. I am hoping that before I got to bed that I will have the body of the baby blanket for my cousin finished and the border started. But since my hand made socks have all gone missing I'm determined to whip though my koigu socks so I know I have a pair. Plus it looks like I have an interview tomorrow that I need to prepare for. Yikes and Yippee. I don't want to make a big deal out of it yet because it doesn't mean I get the job but...I'm excited because this is a start. I wasn't going to tell anyone but I know a few people who read this will be rooting for me. Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

No rest for the determined.

I am so close I can taste it. I have been holding off blogging tonight because I was hoping that the snowdrop shawl would be complete and pinned out. It is not. I have been casting off for 45 mins trying out a picot edge on the top of the shawl. Never done that before so it is slow and SLOW. I just want it done *blink* NOW!

I am also panicing about getting the baby blanket and sweater done for my cousin's shower in two weeks. Now a new shower has been added for my bf's sister at the end of June. Baby isn't coming until September so I have some give on that one but in September another friend's baby is being born. This is getting crazy!

That is about it for me. I needed a break because my eyes were watering concentrating too hard. But I will finish this shawl and maybe pin it out before I sleep tonight.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Money money money mon-EY

Perhaps it was the package that I raced to pick up today, or maybe the admission that more packages will be on the way, that spurred the dredded conversation with my mom. Some friends are having family trouble that has turned into financial trouble and now my mother fears for my future. Mom I love you but don't read this post.

She thinks I should be saving 1000$ every month. WHAT?? I know I am living at home still and don't have a huge amount of expenses but, starting out in my carreer isn't cheap either. I need clothes suitable for work, yarn, and supplies for work because I know where I am now is not where I will be (so I want it to belong to me and not to work and I pay for it myself) and of course there is yarn and yarn accessories.

The money conversation with my mother happens every few months or so and it is just as frustrating every time. It is all the same, it is unavoidable and it is impossible to escape from. My mother means well but I refuse to share about how much money i have, don't have, am getting etc. so at times she is talking about paying off my debt which I don't have. Anyway enough is enough because.....

The Koigu came today!!!!!!!

It is a little more brown than I thought. I was telling the girls at Unwind that I can't order any more green because those colours seem to always appeal to me, and that the koigu I ordered was all green. So when I ordered more koigu on the weekend I stuck to the browner kits. I love the colours and there is green in there but it is pretty brown. Does it sound like I am complaining?? cuz i'm not. I love brown just like i love green and blue and.... anyway you get it.

So Connie.... Meghan..... the knit-along is on...we just have to decide when to start.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Waiting by the mail

My Charlotte's Web Shawl is coming soon. I can't wait. The package tracking people told me that the package has passed customs. Yippee. So I am waiting impatiently by the mail.

Today is monday. Back to work. All this work means not as much knitting. I am still working concentratedly (is that a word) on the Snowdrop Shawl. I weighed my yarn today and have used about half. Does this mean that I can stop worrying about running out. I like to think so. Lets hope I am not proven wrong.

Today I wanted my knitting soooo bad at work. We had a rather long staff meeting today. Interesting things to listen to but a lot of just sitting and listening. I just don't think my bosses would understand that I can knit and pay attention to the meeting at the same time.

So tonight I have done about 3 rows of the shawl and am preparing to hide away in my room and keep going until I go to bed. But I am looking at spinning wheels, and spindles. I am itching to learn how to spin. I know I should try a drop spindle first to see how I like it but I have always been a drop in with both feet kinda girl when I get my heart set on something. It is a good thing wheels are so expensive (on my budget right now). I have looked at a few on ebay as well. Anyone with any suggestions about learning to sping please leave me a comment I would love to hear how you got started. Is there a certain make of drop spindle you would look for as a general starter but that can still be used beyond that?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another car show

I have not been as posting as much because I have become obsessed....with this.....

Every free moment I have I have been working on the snowdrop shawl. I love love love this pattern. I am knitting it with Handmaiden Sea Silk which is lovely. I have 2 skeins (800 m) and the shawl calls for 1200 m. So I am going to try to get as far as I can and probably leave off the border. I might have to do a few less repeats as well. I am playing it by ear and a little nervous about not having a plan.

The Trek along has started and all of the unwinder team are putting on a great show with some beautiful socks. Here is the start of mine.

I am waiting impatiently for my koigu to come. I have ordered some a while ago which should be here this week I hope and then last night I order even more. I must be stopped. I can't seem to help myself. Some is going to be a Charlotte's web shawl that will be knit-along with Connie and Meghan.

I might be up to my ears in shawls. My bf's mom has asked me to make her one for her mom and one for her sister.

Back to the Snowdrop Shawl now. I can't leave it for too long or it gets lonely.