Thursday, October 18, 2007

Painting and knitting

We have decided to paint the house. The builder said we should wait for a year in case we need to touch up any nail pops as the house settles. However we are working on the registry for our wedding and how do you pick towel colours and sheets when you don't know what colour the room is?

Our thinking now is that we either touch up the builder white when there is a nail pop or we touch up our colour. So we are painting.

I'm still working away on the dream in colour shrug and as the cold weather approaches I have picked up the sleeves for Thermal tonight for the first time in a while. (Connie I need to come and get that pattern from you for Heath so I can finish that for you)

I was also given a donation of knitting needles and yarn with some old patterns from a lady that I work with. It was enjoying looking at those patterns so I thought I would share them.

Mostly some cute baby patterns. Funny how the adult patterns go in and OUT (way out)of fashion and the baby things are always good patterns.


Sandra said...

I love the blank palette that a new house is! My problem is that while I dislike some of the colours in my house, at least it is colour, and it will do until I find the time to change them. Have fun choosing the new look!

Connie said...

Hey Sarah
Where've you been - I left a message about Meghan's baby - she had a girl - now I know what you are up to - knee deep in paint!