Saturday, November 10, 2007

My life revolves around my dog!

It seems like my puppy has taken over my life (I'm not to upset about that). I love to shop for him and buy him toys. I think he has more toys than some small children. I spend every Saturday with him. Going to Oakville and back for training. It is a long day and a lot of work but it is becoming a lot of fun.

I'm still knitting but it is little bits at a time so there isn't much progress to show.

If you are a dog lover you might want to check out this site for some fun.

Dogs with Blogs

I gave in thinking I could join but now apparently you need an invitation. But if you want to see more pics of my baby Oscar you can look here. You have to be a dog person I think to and even then you may think I'm a bit nutter.

My Oscar Baby

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