Thursday, July 19, 2007

I made the cat sitting cat a kitty bed. It didn't take long and I had some yarn sitting around that I wasn't going to use for anything else so cat bed it is.

I used 3 balls of Patons Classic Wool held in double

It took me about 3 days and then...the cat didn't want to lay in it. *sigh* He sniffed it while I was working on it and would come around and want some lovin' but was all said and done I put him in it and he got right back out and lay down beside it.

On the weekend when I was away, my mother decided she would help get the cat to like the bed. She bought some catnip and put the whole package into the bed. She turned my cat bed into a kitty drug lab. But she did catch him laying in it. ONCE! hahaha. Henry doesn't seem to care about catnip but if you look at the picture you can see SOME of the catnip in the bed. He is laying on the rest.

I have been trying to post but the laptop has been shutting off on me for no reason. It isn't hot. It isn't even on for that long sometimes and it will just quit. I hope everything is ok.
I have to go today to sign my mortgage. That is a little scary. I feel like I'm signing my life away. At least all of my money I guess. Better get going though. This working nights thing is good in some ways but I have been on the go everyday during the week this week and then have work at night.


Janis said...

Kitty! The main reason I haven't made cat beds for my brood is I know they won't use them. I know they'll be more inclined to situate themselves on half-finished sweaters or even just the yarn itself (they love handspun). If I make something easy for them, they won't use it. Cats.

Also, my first laptop used to do what yours is doing now; turns out there was a short in it. I had to get it repaired, and it was fine for about three more years. It's recently started doing it again, but I mean, it's five years old and a cast off, so it doesn't matter. Better get it looked at!

Angela said...

Someone once told me that Mortgage means 'death grip' in latin.


Sarah said...

Janis, Thanks for the tip on the laptop. I will have to check into that.