Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can't Blog Must Knit

And work on reports for work (those are really a priority over olympic knitting I guess).
Someone down the street from me had this on their front lawn today!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm not gonna make it... no I'm not gonna make it

That is my new theme song right now.

Progress on my Olympic knitting was flying last weekend. I did nothing but knit.
My excuse was that hubby needed to finish the back splash tiles before I could do any real housework (yes I know that the kitchen is just one room of the whole house). Now this weekend I have to make up for it.

Yesterday was bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend. We picked this one and all the girls are very happy with the choice and the colour. It meant lost knitting hours though. I couldn't very well take my knitting and my chart and knit in the back seat with two other girls. "Excuse me if I elbow you in the kidney but have a deadline".

Then the bridal party was together for a party and I was in no state to be knitting anything that took any kind of focus.

I better get back to the laundry so I can get back to the knitting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sleep? What's that?

I have to stop watching the Olympic coverage at night. Hubby and I do go to sleep with the TV on in our bedroom. But we have to stop turning the Olympics on in bed when we are trying to go to sleep. Hubby and I agree that we can't seem to stop watching it. He takes his glasses off and rolls over only to hear something interesting and put his glasses back on. I roll away from the T.V. to face the wall and find myself watching it in the mirror on my dresser.

I wanted to post progress of my Olympic knitting but I can't seem to find my camera. I must have left it at work today so that will have to wait.

Grandma is doing very well. She is out of I.C.U. and back on solid food. They are hoping to send her home soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Inch by Inch

I knew this project would take me a awhile but... we are creeping along. I am having a lot of fun working away on this. because I'm decreasing now I have to pay attention to try to get the pattern to line up so it is a reasonable challenge for me so far.
When I was working on the ribbing I was 2nd guessing the colours. I decided to make the ribbing solid and only change the contrast colour and I'm glad I did but you can't really see the colours together until you get into the pattern.
I have been reading on Ravelry about other people working on the same pattern and someone ( I forget who) suggested starting the ribbing on the smaller size needles to keep it from curling and I am wishing that I had done that. Well wishing that I had read that note before for I finished the ribbing that took me a whole day to do. I'm not going back now! I'm hoping blocking will be a good solution and not....more drastic measures.
Grandma is still in the ICU at the hospital. She will be there at least a few more days unless she has another episode which will make it longer. We aren't out of the woods yet but she is looking good and feeling positive.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Go Canada Go!!!

I am so excited about the Olympics this year. Both the Olympics in Vancouver and the Knitting Olympics. This is the first year that I have participated with the MANY others that have joined the Yarn Harlot. I am worried that I picked a project that will be too much for such a short period of time. (I am just finished the ribbing at the bottom of Ivy League this morning).

Saturday was an exhausting day for my family. My grandmother was rushed to the hospital in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The company that monitors her called my father first but my poor dad was up in North Bay for the weekend so they tried to call my mom. They called her mobile and didn't get her. My hubby and I are next on the list so at 2 am we got the call. I got in touch with my mom but didn't get much sleep after that point. I went back to bed around 3 or so and then hubby got up at 5 to go to work and I was up from then on. Called the hospital at 6:30am to find out how my grandma was and learned that she was in the I.C.U.

We were all very worried. My aunt and uncle came and my dad headed home from North Bay. In the end I saw her around 2 in the afternoon after a blood transfusion and a few scopes. She looked very small and frail but she was laughing and joking around. I hadn't seen her in the morning but I guess at that point we thought the worst. After the transfusion she turned around fast.

My grandma was the first knitter I ever knew. She wasn't the one who taught me to knit but she was knitting all the time and never for herself. The only thing she ever used to make was little outfits for premature babies and she would donate them to the hospital.

My grandma is a very strong little 90 year old woman. She gets on the bus and goes to the mall (Friday she walked around the mall for 3 hours) just to get out and about. I guess she was joking with the doctor and said "I'm not ready to go just yet".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It has been a busy week around the house this week. My hubby has been helping out neighbour finish his basement. He has almost been living at that house. Well that neighbour came back to return the favour on Tuesday and the guys did the back splash in the kitchen.

(in progress)
I didn't know if we needed to do the back splash or not? What difference will it make really? Well I found out that it makes a HUGE difference. I love it.
Any other knitting Olympians out there? I was looking at the list and there are a lot!!! I'm excited to cast on the Ivy League Vest tomorrow night!
The kitchen is still in shambles because there is no grout yet and everything from the counters is living on my kitchen table but I love the tile.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Ooh baby

At work there are a whole lot of pregnant people (7 if you need a head count --or would you have to count 14?) Anyway last year we had two girls and we threw a combined shower. I knit both of them a baby surprise jacket if you recall.

A little short notice but today it was decided that on Tuesday after work we would have a shower for two of the seven who are about to pop. Since I knit gifts for the last shower I feel like I should/would like to knit something for this shower to (and perhaps plan better for the ones that will be coming).

I don't know if either baby is a boy or a girl and I don't have time for anything fancy. I was thinking of a few booties, little newborn mittens and perhaps a bib? something FAST! I have a few patterns in mind so I better get to it.

No pictures today because the battery in my camera died but I have the back and one front side of the Ribbon Edged Cardi done.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It is a shame that I had to be secretive about this but I did it!

This was the first one of 3 projects that I ripped this weekend. But this sweater/tee has been on the needles (wasting a set of needles and a few hours of work) for I think 5 or six years. Not anymore .... here it is now.

Those of you that know me know this infamous project. It was the yarn and pattern bought for me as a graduation gift from my now hubby. He was so very proud that he did it all on his own and that he talked to the lady at the store about addi turbo needles (she was impressed that he knew what they were). I didn't really love the pattern (or the yarn) but being grateful and showing my appreciation I dutifully cast on. I got the back and two sleeves finished but......that was it. To many other things to catch my eye and too many nice yarns and beautiful patterns.

Hubby always asks me about it when I start something new. "What about a certain pink sweater?" I will finish it I promise "uh huh I'm never buying you yarn again". Well I won't tell him that I ripped it out but now I have a plan in the works to make a tank top out of it for the summer. I will be working on it in secret and surprising him with it when it is finished. Shhhhhh.