Sunday, April 30, 2006

All we need is just a little patience

I must have been humming that song to myself as I untangled the most beautiful mess of yarn. But in the end believe it or not I ended up with this. This was soooooo soft I really didn't even get frustrated by the mangled mess it was when I started.

Sea Silk by Hand Maiden
70% Silk combined with 30% SeaCell

Seacell is apparently something made from seaweed. According to the Hand Maiden sight it is good for your skin when you wear it.

We shall see. I am knitting up a lace scarf for the store (Unwind)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday night knitting

I usually think of Wednesday as my knitting night but so far this week every night has been knitting night. Tonight I am working on Rupunzel. I have finished the back and have started one of the front sides.

This is definately not a mindless knitting project which I am enjoying. I love the Rowan Kid Classic (I'm knitting it in the Glacier colour). I have left out the second yarn that is to be knit in double with the Kid Classic for some of the pattern so I will have to see what that does to the shape. But so far I am very happy with it.

Anyway enough of this... I'm going to keep working!!! And the weekend is on the way so I can knit to my heart's content.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ah Wednesday,

One of my favourite days of the week other than the weekend. I am off to Unwind Yarn House tonight to chill with the Stitch and Bitchers.

I was looking at the last post and am a little disappointed with the layout. I tried and tried to get the pictures lined up under each other but somehow they always jumped up a little bit . So that unorganized mess was the best I could get. Maybe just a bad day.

What better way to end a bad day then by going and knitting. I can't decide if I will work on Rupunzel or my new socks....shhhhh don't tell the bf.

The light was bad for this pic but this is my first ever Koigu Sock.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Knitting in the Rain

Today was a great day despite the rainy yucky weather. Although I haven't done much knitting today I have done a lot of thinking about knitting and shopping for knitting!!!

First the sad news. While I was at my grandmothers for Easter weekend I had a slight knitting accident and I broke one of my Lantern Moon Rosewood needles. I said bad words and have had trouble working on the baby sweater since.

Some non-knitting content. I have just finished my first sewing project. I made a floor cushion for the reading corner in my classroom. I'm excited because I know the kids will love it too.

Now back to the knitting and my adventures today.

This is my current sock ( the blue and red sock from my WIP list). I am loving the pattern and the way the sock fits.

Today was busy and filled with wonderful yarn. I got a call this morning at the bf's house that one of my knitting friends, Connie, was heading to the city to visit Lettuce Knit for some Socks that Rock. So my mom and I met Connie and off we went armed only with our debit cards and eyes bigger than our wallets. In the end we all came out with bag fulls of beauty and an itch to cast on as many pairs of socks as we have needles for.

Here are my stash enhancements from today and thanks to Connie for driving in that awful yucky rain.

Koigu kpppm

100% Merino Wool

Trekking XXL (hard to see the colours in this photo. The darker one is puples and the other is browns and greys)

75% New Wool 25% Nylon

Blue Mountain Sock Candy
96% cotton 4% elite
Colourway: Lagoon

And of Course one of the reasons for our adventure
Blue Mountain Socks that Rock
100% Superwash Merino
Colourway : Spinel

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Not much knitting lots of looking for a new job. Come June I am unemployed. Yucky!

I wanted to update my WIP list
1. Pink Grad Tee
2. Red Gauntlets (1st one done)
3. Slippers for Aaron
4. Rowan Rupunzel Cardi9. Blue and Red Socks
5.Breast Cancer Socks (1st one done)
6. Other baby sweater for mom (shhh this one wasn't on the list before)

I frogged the fleece artist shawl and the Tropical socks...I just didn't like the way they were turning out and just knitting to get them done was not going to make me any happier with them so ....remix!

After this weekend I'm sure I will have some pictures to share.

SHOUT OUT! Hi Meghan!!! hehehehe

Monday, April 03, 2006

Still so many projects

And still no pictures I'm sorry. I have my camera back but took it to my class to take pictures of their clay art. My kids would be very disappointed if I used up all of my memory on yarn pictures instead.

I don't really have much knitting to report. I have been working away but not on any one specific thing.

But the most exciting thing is that my LYS has moved. Down the street to a bigger space. I am so excited and will be going on Wednesday for out stitch and bitch night. For those interested here is the link to the store website. Unwind Yarn House.