Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas WHAT?

I am back I hope. I'm still busy as can be but last night was the first night in a while that I have felt motivated to knit. Actually all I want to do right now is knit which is good because I still have samples to knit for Pick up Sticks and I haven't even started knitting for Christmas, and a still growing list of unfinished projects. That could be a problem! I think my knit for list will be greatly reduced this year.

Min and Pam of course (I just might not up it to sweaters this year)
Mom would love a pair of socks
Kathryn and Laura (scarves this year?)

I need to finish my report cards, go for the bridesmaid's first fitting Saturday, leave right from the fitting to dog training in Oakville (so Oscar gets to go to the fitting-lucky boy-and wait in the car).

Oh and my dress came in this week.Yippee!!

Anyway back to knitting, I'm still working on Heath, I stopped hating it again once I got past where I had to rip back. I'm also working on my Clapotis, I love dream in colour and I love this colour (Gothic Rose)

And Oscar wanted to help me take the pictures.

To leave you on a cute note. Here is my Oscar baby and my "tough-guy-he's-just-a-dog"fiance getting a "hug" (he calls it that not me)

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