Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy stuff

Well we close in a few days. My life feels a little nuts right now. There has been no knitting because there has been only packing. And oh my there is lots of yarn to pack. I have something going on every evening from now until Friday (our closing day).

I'm a starting to be ready! I am happy and I am excited and I have to admit... a little bit nervous.

Today after school we do our walk through with the builder. I can't wait to see it. We have been going on weekends until we were locked out (even then we went to peek in the windows) but I'm excited to see the kitchen cabinets and counters

Oscar keeps crying in the night. It seems like we will have a few good nights and then a few bad nights. It is frustrating! Not only because we lose sleep (he was up before 4am today) but because I don't understand why. Tucker hasn't cried at all since that first week and Oscar keeps complaining. We put him out when he wakes up because he has had the odd accident in the crate but other than that I let him cry. I might tell him "quiet" firmly but it doesn't seem to stop him for long. Unless he hears someone move (as little as rolling over in bed) he will stop for 20 minutes before he starts again. Whining at first but then barking. I'm worried that things will get worse in the new house. I'm going to ask our trainer about it tonight at puppy kindergarten but I'm open to any other suggestions out there as well.

Other than that.....I move this weekend! :)

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