Monday, January 15, 2007

To string or not to string

Why is it that as a knitter every time you cast a few things off and you think you are progressing on those UFO's, you are met with the NEED to cast on for more. So much for my new years resolution. Perhaps they are made to be broken.

I have wanted to learn how to do beaded knitting since I saw the Reptillian lace Sock pattern Knitty. So on the weekend Connie and I took the beaded scarf class at Unwind with the wonderful Meghan.

{Pretend there is a picture here I couldn't get it to upload}

It was a lot of fun but I began to wonder how much I would wear the beaded scarf. So I have ripped it out. I know I'm a little nuts but now I am going to use the same yarn and the same beads for the socks.

I am now faced with only once question. To string or not to string. The pattern says to string on your beads so they will sit in between the stitches. Meghan showed us not only this way of beading but a way that makes the bead sit so nicely at the front of the work and you do not string them all on at once. So if I want to use her way on the sock I will have to watch my chart and figure out which stitch I want the bead to sit on. hmmm.


Connie said...

If you're going to bead - don't you want them to really, really show! I vote for the crochet hook!

Meghan said...

There can't be that many beads, are there?? I would vote for the crochet hook too!!!

Another bead knitting convert...

My work is done...