Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So close I can feel the heat

I am so excited about the Cabled Jacket. Not only is this the first thing I have knit for myself since Christmas knitting but it is my first big project in a while. And when I say big I mean this sweater is BIG!

I am knitting the collar now so the raglan seams and neck have been seamed. It is a little awkward to knit with the mass of the sweater in your lap. Not to mention quite warm. Like curling up with a large blanket.

Which is of course perfect because I seem to always be cold. I don't think it is just me because I know others around me comment on being cold as well but we are assured that the heat is on and working. Ok so maybe it is just me but a cabled jacket would make it all better yes? (or it could all be in my head because I'm determined to have it!)

I have about another 4 inches of ribbing to do, then side and sleeve seams and some ends. Then she be done. Depending on my day tomorrow and what time I get home from work. The gang at Unwind may get a preview in it's almost finished state.

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Anonymous said...

Pictures! We need pictures!! Have fun tonight; be gentle with Connie...she seems a little tense.