Friday, January 05, 2007

An angry moment

Why do we pay money for yarn that comes with knots and .....apparently in pieces??? I have been knitting like a maniac on the DB Cabled Jacket and I splurged for the Superchunky Cashmerino. Connie and I have both found that there are knots in the balls a little more often then once in a while. When she mentioned to me that she found the knots quite a problem I had only had I have had significantly more than one.

And then last night while I had the house to myself I was knitting away and I came to this interesting mess.

Why are there so many ends on this ball of yarn??? I dunno but it didn't look right to me so as I got closer to the end I rewound the ball only to find this.

Yes that is a whole separate piece of yarn in the end. YUCK! it is 135cm/53inches Aaron and I measured. Aaron says I should take it and *a few expletives* At 15-20$ a ball that just shouldn't happen. Grrrrrrr.


Isobel said...

How frustrating for you. I have had past experience with both DB and Rowan, that now I will wind each skein into a ball myself, that way I can check for knots, frays or loose ends. It is beyond the pale when buy expensive yarn and it lets you down.

Anonymous said...

You're right! It's just wrong! The lady that inspired my knitting career/compulsion, would unwind balls and if she found knots, returned them to the store, as she did not pay for 'seconds'; and she got replacements! My trouble is that: 1) I don't usually knit something that I've just purchased.
2) I buy too many different places to keep them all straight.
3) Basically, I'm a wimp and wouldn't have the nerve!
The point is...we don't have to take this! We can fight it!
Let us know what you decide.
Beautiful sweater, by the way.