Sunday, January 07, 2007

A little bit of history

My parents were gone to my grandmother's house to start to go through some things and get ready to have all of the furniture moved. They were going through some things and found me this.

Hand knits for Men and Women in Service... also practical styles for war victims.

I love the slogans!

"Knit during your spare time. Thousands of Canadian women are knitting things for the soldiers. There are organizations everywhere ready to tell you what is needed and how to knit it."
"Be Courteous to 'the boys'. Wherever you meet a man wearing his country's uniform, lets lend a helping hand."

Also there are pages of organizations that are listed as helping out. Being a Canadian magazine it is neat to see the women's groups from Toronto area that were involved and given mention.

What a fun find. I has some great basic patterns particularly for mittens and things that could be useful but overall just kinda fun to have. I also found a hand written pattern for a basic sock tucked in the book.
As far as the Cabled Jacket goes I have been a little discouraged since my yarn problems (this is the first time I have had this problem with Debbie Bliss yarn. One of the reasons I wanted to use this yarn was because I have had such good experiences with DB yarn.) But I am knitting the second sleeve. Here is the progress and the first sleeve.

I have also been itching to knit socks again. After racing the Christmas deadline I didn't want to look at another sock. Now even a basic sock calls to me. Connie makes me want to cast on some new socks because she always has such interesting socks on the go. But I am sticking to my new years resolution to finish the unfinished things that I have. Other than the Cabled Jacket of course but I am working fairly consistently on that still. I will be strong and I will persevere.


Angela said...


So, I thought I'd actually comment today, instead of the lurking that is my habit.

Impolite, I know.

Re: Vintage Knitting Book - love Knitting for the Military. Strange, though, as I posted something very similar today.


Anonymous said...

My mother shared with me patterns of my Great Aunts' and those included a sock pattern where you can replace the heel as it wears out WITHOUT ripping out the whole sock!!! It's great that these treasures are being preserved and relived!! KnickKname2B