Thursday, January 18, 2007

I love beads!

Yes Meghan I have officially been converted. I love beading in my knitting! Unfortunately I do not have my camera because I have forgotten it at school since Tuesday. When I get it back I will show you what I have been up to. I wish there were more than 180 beads on a sock (there is 4 every other row).

Yesterday I was so sick! I slept the whole day away. I came home from work around 9:30am and went right to bed then slept through until 1pm. Then I moved from my bed to the couch, out again until 3pm. Then back to my bed until 4pm and then I was fine. Strange.

I keep thinking how much I'm looking forward to the house being ready. I love my family but just now my mom came home and said to me. "You're actually doing work?" and then couldn't understand why that offended me. She said that usually I would have my knitting needles in my hands.

Tonight is my night by myself to watch Grey's Anatomy and CSI all by myself with my knitting...sigh....heaven on earth.

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