Saturday, January 20, 2007

I need new socks

It seems that I am determined to finish a pair of new socks for myself. The easiest way to do that of course is to finish one of the many unfinished pairs that I have started but no.... I had to start a new pair. So I started the Reptillian Lace Socks and have almost finished the first sock.

I keep telling myself I need to be knitting the DB Jacket for Connie and I have been working on it but I think that after knitting a sweater I just need a pair of socks. Is that strange. Does anyone else trade off a big project for a smaller project?


Anonymous said...

Your socks look beautiful! And yes, project break and trade-offs are all part of a healthy obsession! Keep on Knitting!

Connie said...

Those are beautiful socks Sarah but Connie says where's my sweater???? :)