Thursday, February 01, 2007

No knitting content in this post because ....well.... there hasn't been a lot of knitting.

On Tuesday I went out with some girls to see....

I have never been to a "pop" concert before. In my concert going days I have seen The Tragically Hip, Finger 11, STP, Days of the New, Creed even Tool. I love music of all different kinds and I do enjoy Justin Timberlakes new CD and do own a copy. I was never a boy band kinda girl growing up but I must say......WOW! He came out and not only was singing and dancing (yeah no surprise there) but was playing guitar and piano and DJing and keytar. I was impressed.

I loved that during the intermission Timbaland came out and DJed for a while. I love his beats which is the reason I think I like the new Justin CD.

One thing that I was really disappointed with was the organization. We walked into the ACC from Union and then two lines went right back out the sides. We were there about 7:15 I guess (later than we meant yes) and the show was to start at 7:30. So we went and got in line and found the other people we were going with and then waited out side for 45 mins. We missed Pink the openning act and sat down just to see her last song and then wait throught the intermission. Not just us either the HUNDREDS of people that they didn't seem to be letting in.Once the line moved we went right in a to our seats but we stood outside not moving the majority of that time (I know because we stood beside a garbage can... yuck).

The other thing I learned at this show is that I am definately getting too old for this type of thing. Maybe not age old but maturity old. I am so sick of other girls making the female population look bad. I have done my share of screaming at concerts but not "JUSTIN I LOVE YOU" from the 3rd balcony. Hello honey but he can't hear you and if he could he doesn't care. The only one who cares is me because you are screaming like an idiot in my ear. I also understand the feeling that you should look nice when you go out but ..... These people were so dressed up!! and why is it that when a girl puts on some clothes and a lot of make up a switch is turned that said girl must walk around looking mad at everyone and just all around B**CHY. Silly little girls.

There I'm done.The negativity has been let go.

Overall, a great show. I was really impressed. A fun (but late when you have to get up and go to work the next day) night.

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