Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm in the club

I've been thinking about doing some online knitting shopping. Then this morning just moments ago I checked Connie's blog. She got her registration for the Rockin' sock Club so I had to check my email to see if I got mine. Yipeee. There is my online shopping and I'm very excited.

780 people on the waiting list. WOW!!

Last night I did a lot of school work. Doing a lot of organization and things so not much knitting. My goal for this weekend is to finishedthe socks for Aaron's sister. They didn't get finished for Christmas but her birthday is next weekend.

In keeping with Connie's theme of pet pictures and keeping in mind I have no significant progress to show you. Here is my fish Kyle. I bought a fish last year when my class was learning about living things. He traveled back and forth to school and survived a few spills during his travels. Still swimming!

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Connie said...

Kyle is a lovely fish! Yahoo we're Rockin Sock Clubbers!