Sunday, February 11, 2007

The silence

No not the silence of the lambs but equally as scary. I am talking about the silence that scared my bf.

Last night I was at his house for dinner (made it just in time back from Kitchener) after dinner we were chillin' on the couch watching TV and chatting with his mom and I was, of course, knitting. I was working on the Whiskers and paws sock which I still love and am almost to the toe. My bf thought he was being funny and he started to wiggle my arm. Just as words of warning started to come from my lips the arm wiggling pulled my pony pearl out of half of the stitches.

I didn't have any more words. He sucked in a breath. "Oooooh, I'm sorry. Can you fix that?" "sigh, I hope so." I inspected the various loops and strands wondering what was a yarn over and what was knitted, what was a strand in front and what should be picked up and knit. All the time trying to remain calm. And what does the idiot do? Keeps talking. "did you fix it?" "is it bad?" "I'm sorry" "I'm going to go check my email and hope you have it fixed when I come back"


I did fix the dropped stitches after tinking back 3 rows. His mother reminding me that I could have him eating humble pie for quite a while. And in the end what did he have to say for himself?

"I'm going to be in the blog tomorrow aren't I" Yes honey ... yes you are.


Anonymous said...

No socks for bf.
Just sayin...

Connie said...

You showed great restraint not stabbing him with the needle before picking up your stitches!

elan said...

I gotta say my first thought was the one Connie expressed. Second thought, he definitely needs to supply yarn for the next set of socks.