Monday, February 19, 2007

Well CRAP...The doctor is in

I am very angry with myself. I have been knitting along on Connie's sweater trying to get it finished by Thursday when I am going to see her. I started thinking. This shaping on this side doesn't match the shaping on the other side. That is because of this way back at the beginning.

Can you see it because I can see it. And yes that is about 50-60 rows back from where I am now. I was getting ready to start seaming it tonight and pick up for the collar but no.

And Connie I was trying to get it done to surprise you with it but the cat's out of the bag now and I don't think I will make it. Sorry!

As much as it pains me and Connie says don't worry about it this side may be heading to the frog pond.

Added Later:
If this were Thursday it would be perfect to knit this while watching Grey's cuz I was doing surgery tonight.

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Anonymous said...

You're braver than me!! I think I would've ripped the whole thing out rather than just fixing the cable; I wish you all the best! Connie's lucky to have you for a friend.