Saturday, February 10, 2007


All I need was a new sock to renew my knitting vim and viggor. I finished the sock for my bf's sister last night. Only problem is that I want to give the socks to her tonight and they are still wet from washing them at 10pm last night (imagine that).

Normally I don't wash socks before giving them as a gift but there was a little accident when knitting the first sock. Aaron and I went out to the building site to see progress on the house. This was back before Christmast when it was nice and warm and MUDDY. I got out of the truck and the sock fell out of the car and yes...into the mud. I let it dry and got the worst off without rubbing it in but thought I would have to wash them when the pair was done so they would both have been washed. I am of course as last minute kinda girl so now I am paniking that they will not be dry by the time I go for dinner tonight.

Today I am going to Kitchener for my great uncle's funeral. He was 91 and had been living for years with one lung and one kidney and still happily playing golf. The last little while he was in and out of hospital and last weekend it was just a matter of hours. He was a hip old man and very with it. At this point I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry that he won't be there to make us laugh and tell us stories about his life the way he did when I was growing up.

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