Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas. My present from blogger was to have my post from earlier lost even though I did save a draft...hmmmm strange.

Anyway, Christmas is over for another year and I can't help but have a huge sigh of releif. Our Christmas slowly went down hill. My poor Grandma is so forgetful and she got progressively worse as the day went on. By the time dinner came it was all she could do to concentrate on the gravy and the veggies were not yet cooked. But it all turned out fine in the end.

I even finished the socks for my cousins. I had to knit a sock a day for two days but by bedtime on Christmas even the socks were finished, wrapped and under the tree.

Speaking of my cousins this is us in our matching reindeer PJ's (a gift from my mother). The second pic is of them fighting for dominance.

And a close up of us girls.

Since the Christmas knitting is over I can't seem to look at another sock right now. (even though I still have one more sock to finish for Aaron's sister and I might see her on Saturday) I have been working on Rapunzel. I haven't worked on it for so long but it is such an interesting pattern. It keeps my attention because it takes so much of my attention.

Connie and I are thinking about casting on for our Debbie Bliss Cabled Jacket soon too. Very exciting post Christmas knitting.

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