Thursday, December 21, 2006

Is it time to panic yet?

I was making so much progress on my Christmas knitting for a while I thought I might make it. Now I'm starting to think that I have three people who will be getting one sock with a promise that the second sock is yet to come. I have one more half of a sock to finish before I am to that point at least.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for two weeks. I thought the hoiday felt so late this year not starting until the 22nd but now I am kinda glad. Mind you I am exhausted and have some kind of cold, chest, sinus, head ache think going on. But with the holiday starting right before Christmas it means that there is a week after Christmas and New Years is over to enjoy the calm/come down.

I think this has been my most stressfull Christmas in my memory. Things are changing in my family and traditions are changing. This will be our last Christmas in the family home we all love. We have sold my Grandmother's house and are moving her closer to us and where there is help if she needs it. I love Christmas but I wish we could just fast forward to next year. Just jump right into the new traditions instead of suffering through the last of the old traditions.

I am leaving tomorrow for my Grandma's house so we can get everything ready for the rest of the family. Hopefully I will have lots of time to speed knit before my cousins arrive and they can get a whole pair of socks.

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