Sunday, December 17, 2006

The rush is on

I am making progress on my Christmas knitting but am in a slight panic. I still have one more week before my winter vacation. I think of all the time I will have for knitting when I am on holiday. However my holiday starts on the 22 which doesn't leave much time for finishing Christmas projects.

I am getting closer though. I have a total of about 4 and bit socks left to go on my list. The slippers for Aaron can wait until after Christmas because they are not a surprise gift. Our gift to each other this year is the house.

The yarn came in for Connie and I to make our Cabled Jacket. I am so excited to get started but we are both resisting temptation until after Christmas.

Off to bed and work on my K socks before visions of yarn balls dance in my head.

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