Monday, December 04, 2006

Now we're knitting

What I need is for it to be the weekend all of the time. I got so much knitting done this weekend and managed to fit in a Christmas party with my dad and a Christmas party for my nephew at my bfs work and some shopping and laundry on top of that. I impressed myself that is for sure.

I finished one of the bf's slippers. They aren't a secret so I needed his foot to measure. I also finished the toe of the Adare Manor sock so one down and one to go.

I also finished the hat for my bf's brother. I know he doesn't read this so I can post it without worrying about wrecking the surprise. Here it is! Please forgive the model as it was Sunday evening after the children's Christmas party and I was pooped.

Pattern: Fleece Artist Adriana Kit
Needles: knit picks options 4.5mm 24"
Date Started: November 20th 2006.
Date Finished: December 3rd 2006.

This pattern was a little different that what I expected. The hat comes out a little big (for my head and I have a good sized noggen). The pattern suggests that you can felt it to size but it would need so little that I would be scared of it felting too far.
Also the ties on the ear flaps were not i-cord as I expected them to be. I think if I were to do this pattern again I would make it an i-cord instead. I also did not make two ties off of the second earflap because I couldn't understand why I would want one long and one short on one side...hmmmm.

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