Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Christmas Knitting Weekend

This weekend was full of Christmas and full of knitting! Friday night was Christmas Panic at Unwind. When I left it was around 11:30 there were still three people left and they had just started watching another movie. The idea was to knit all night, working on Christmas gifts. I myself spent about 6 hours there. that I think about it that was a long time of just relaxing and knitting. I think we all needed that. The night flew by.

Saturday was my afternoon with my bf. Then we had a friends Christmas party to go to. I did not take my knitting! Man was I missing it. The people at the party were very nice and I didn't feel left out but while they were drinking excessively and playing poker I was wishing I was knitting.

Today was our Christmas with my dad's side of the family. Since the bf and I have bought the house he can no longer avoid these family situations. It was actually pretty fun and this time I took my knitting!

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of all of the work I have been doing!

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