Thursday, December 14, 2006

What are knitting friends for?

What a night! Last night was the gift exchange between my knitting friends. We always have such a good time when we get together I think we should do it more often. Unfortunately Meghan wasn't feeling well. The only postive was that it gives us an excuse to celebrate her birthday again!

All of those girls are so thoughtful. I had wondered to myself what we could all get each other on our budget but we all thought of something different.
Connie took a much more artistic picture of her gifts so go check her out.

Connie gave us each these cute books to make sock pattern notes in, some gift tags for handknitted items (perfect this time of year), a sock pattern, a keychain sock blocker set and point protectors for dpns.

Lisa had these cute boxes with our names on them. Perfect for little notions and accessories.

Meghan gave us some sublime yarn with a pattern for fingerless gloves ( I smell a new year knitalong) some cute stitch markers and a keychain sock blocker set (great minds think alike ladies)

I would like to say thank you again because.... well... presents are nice, and I can't think of a better group to share them with. If I left out anything that the girls gave it was because I am still shocked by the amount of things that you can do on a budget. It says something about the Christmas spirit and the thought that counts.

(This was our house on Tuesday putting up the Chrismas tree)

Now I have to get back to my Christmas knitting. Is Greys Anatomy a new one tonight because last week I was very disappointed.

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