Monday, July 10, 2006

What? Me? Work?

I start my summer factory job today. I'm not overly excited about it. Ok I'm not excited at all. I know that I need to keep making money. I don't want to be spending and not seeing anything come back. It will give me something to do other than sitting around my house knitting too. Damnit I could have been stitting around my house knitting all day!!!

This summer is going to fly buy. I have a kindergarten class to prepare for and now I'm working and all the stuff I want to do in between. Before you know it, it will be September and I'm back to teaching.

I have to get going on my knitting. I was starting to get my WIPs under control for a while there and now I have been unable to resist. I also have a gift that needs to be done in about a month that I haven't started yet. So I'm sure I will be posting with pictures soon because I'm going to be working like crazy to finish some things off.

Wish me luck tonight. I will be working until about 12:30 am if there is no overtime tonight. That is staying up late for me now.

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