Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another late night

I don't totally understand how at 8pm I am trying to stay awake and then at almost 1am I am wide awake.

I finally have finished the socks for my dad. Yes they were intended as a father's day gift but...well he has been asking for them. I have never knit socks for a man before. When I make socks for myself or for a friend I like to knit with interesting colours and try out different patterns. A man's sock, especially a man like my dad, is very plain and BORING.

I will post a picture when I get home but as usual for my Saturday night I am at the bf's house. He is of course sleeping and has been for a while now, while I am wishing that I was asleep.

Not much news about my grandma yet. My mother went back to visit her this morning so I'm sure I will know more tomorrow.

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