Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm a bad blogger

I said there would be knitting, I said there would pictures and....I have to admit that I do not have much of either.

I don't see much point in taking pictures of the same thing only a few rows further along than the last time I took a picture. And a row or two a night is about all that I have the engery for. I start to knit and start to fall asleep.

I have been on the day shift this week. Normally that is 6:30 am to 3pm. I have been helping out my old supervisor this week so I have been starting work everyday at 5:30. Monday and Tuesday there was overtime and I stayed until 5pm. This is of course my choice. No one forced me to stay at work for that long but.....I will not be at my summer job all that long and in order to really make it worth it (and because my contract next year is only half time) I am working all the overtime I can.

That is my excuse. I know it is meager but that is all I have. I hope to have more to share soon.

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