Monday, July 03, 2006

Spin Spin Sugah

Let me tell you about my first time. I spent today with my drop spindle. We took a good portion of the last week to get to know each other and today was the day we went for it.

I went to Gemini Fibres and asked for something that would be easy for a first timer and rented a video to help set the mood. We spent all day together and at the end of the day I have to balls of singles that look like this.

and a close up

It is a little fluffy and lumpy and bumpy. I'm not sure why I thought I should be able to spin perfectly on my first attempt but overall I feel proud. And well...I should. It took me all day. My arms and shoulders are aching but I have singles.

Tonight before I sleep I might try to ply them because I'm way too excited to go to bed yet. and then I need to decided what colour I want to dye this yarn...hmmmmm

I know what the girls will think I will do .... but my bf has been teasing me about my love of "puke green". "EWww what's with you and puke green" So I might have to try something a little out of my ordinary.

Bad news about the sheep. It looks like the baby is still born. Today when my dad was at work the mom had still not given birth and seemed distressed. He said he could see the baby and tried to help her but the way this farm runs is that they pretty much leave things to nature. The animals are only used to people being close to them to feed them. Not to help them give birth. Anyway it is a sad story. I hope mommy will be ok.

I am going to be very busy for the next few days so I won't be posting. I'm off to visit a friend of mine tomorrow and am not sure if I will have time to post Wednesday before we leave for knitting night. Anyone know any yarn stores near Georgetown and Acton that would be worth a visit while I'm there?

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