Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Yarn Crawl

Hi! My name is Wooly.

I wanted to help Sarah tell the story of today's "Yarn Crawl".

For Connie's Birthday the girls had planned dinner and a Yarn crawl in Toronto. The trip unfortunately had to be postponed when Sarah had to attend a funeral. Today was the day!

They started out at the Naked Sheep where Sarah found this lovely Bio Bamboo for the Tunic in the Spring Interweave. There was a tank knit up in the store and it was sooooo soft that Sarah fell in love.

Next the ladies went to Knit Cafe were there were so many bright colours. Followed closely by a visit to Romney where I joined the crew as well a few bags of roving. Sarah started to spin some silk and merino tonight wanna see?

Last but definately not least was the lovely Lettuce Knit with the lovely Megan. Sarah bought some Blue Sky Alpaca to make Rogue and some Malabrigo in a bright blue for Wicked.

Now Sarah says she has to finish Rapunzel tonight (I wonder if she can stay up that late) so that she can cast on something new.

She is having trouble deciding which of these three should be next. Leave a comment with your vote.

1)Tunic from Interweave




Angela said...

#3 Wicked. Love the neckline.


Anonymous said...

Definately, Wicked!! It'll be perfect for the spring, and then the tunic (I've been eyeing that too!). Save the Rogue for next fall/winter...oh, so much yarn; so little time! Enjoy.

Connie said...

Aren't you creative??? :) I didn't name my sheep yet! I vote the Tunic from Interweave!

Michelle said...

Wicked looks...well..wicked! I vote for #3.