Thursday, March 15, 2007

Can you see it?

I am still working on finishing Rapunzel. I am finished the knitting but there are still cord detail and crochet edges to do. I am only posting because I had a thought when I used a different computer to look at my blog.

When I look at my blog on the laptop I like the way it looks but when I used to computer last night I looked at my blog and had to scroll over to read it. This is something I don't like to do when I look at other blogs. The laptop has a wider screen so please leave me a comment if you have to scroll over to read this blog.


Anonymous said...

Glad you asked; I thought it was me. Yes, I have to close my 'favourites' side window (of which you are a part of) to read your blog; can you fix that? Looking forward to seeing all your projects.

Angela said...

No scrolling needed here.

I've no idea how wide my screen is, though, so I don't know how helpful that fact is.