Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your yarn

Yes I would like to announce the return of Rapunzel. I have only been working on this sweater for a year I think and I do love it so why do I not finish? That is the age old question isn't it.
This is the first sleeve. The two fronts and the back are finished. Psst... the back looks a little wider than my fronts so this again tells me not to leave a project for a year to knit because your guage will change (I'm going to start to tell myself that every morning and every night so I might one day remember)
I needed to work on the sweater because I have been knocking off those unfinished socks lately and needed a break. In addition to the Whiskers and Paws socks and the Pomatomus socks I finished a plain pair of socks in Vesper sock yarn (colour Neapolitan).

This is the Crooked Cable sock in Socks that Rock ( colour Lemongrass). I started these socks last summer for myself but I think I might give them to my mom. She really seems to like them.

This was the first time I tried Socks that Rock and I have been hooked ever since.
Speaking of Socks that Rock. I'm waiting very impatiently for my Rockin' Sock Club shipment. This is my first time with the club and first time as a part of a sock club so I'm SOOOOO excited. I tried to discourage myself from spending the money but as I have said before ... I am weak.
Anyone in Canada have their Rockin Sock Club yet? I know international orders were later from what they say on the blog and I can't imagine having a sock club with over 2000 people as members but....I am being impatient. It is the first think I think of when I get home. I don't want to turn off the car in case I get a slip telling me to pick up a package.


Anonymous said...

Those Rockin' Socks are gorgeous!! I know what you mean about waiting for a slip to get to the post office...yarn in the mail is the best!! Happy Knitting, KnickKname2B

Steph said...

Those socks rock! Gorgeous. I'm waiting on my Rockin Sock Club package too (in Ottawa). Hoping that it gets here tomorrow!