Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Joy of Living Together

Because my parents are out of town for the week my bf and I get a little trial run of what life might be like when we get the house. So far this is what our weekend has been like.

I stayed awake to pick him up from work at midnight. I couldn't sleep because he was taking up all the room.
We had to meet friends to go to a car show at 9:30am (his friends, one of which is so....annoying and to be really honest, quite rude and inappropriate). The alarm went of at 8am and I spent a half and hour trying to get him to get out of bed.
Once home from the car show he slept for 3 hours while I did laundry (did I mention he slept through the night while I tossed and turned)
-I slept like the dead through him trying to wake me up during the night
I spent from 10 am to 12 trying to wake him up again, as a three hour nap doesn't stop this man from sleeping through the night again. I cooked him breakfast and we went to look at furniture for the house and went to visit our pile of mud where the house will be. We peaked in windows of the houses already framed and saw for the first time what our main floor will look like in 3D.
We came home where his majesty had another nap for an hour. I cooked dinner, we ate. He came down with sudden headache which progressed into him feeling sick to his stomach. He went to bed and wanted me to sit with him. I was sure he would fall asleep but apparently he had too much sleep so he laid there while I read a book. I finally said I'm going to the living room got out my Sex in the City DVDs and have been here since. I'm sure he has gone to sleep now with no one to whine to.

I complain but... (I have to consider that I do think he is feeling sick and he is trying to quit smoking today which he is convinced is part of the problem) looking at furniture and going to see our mud makes me even more excited about the house. I like that as much as he can bug me I just like to have him around. I knew I was ready to live with him when we can be together and don't feel the need to be in the same room at every second.

During our travels I worked on my Duet Sock because Connie told me I better hurry up. And I'm trying to hold off from starting the Rockin Sock Club sock.

If you look close you can see where the afterthought heel is going to go. There is a line that is more green than the rest of the sock (on the right furthest from the toe).
For now I am going to work on Rapunzel because I can't wait to wear it.

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