Monday, March 26, 2007


I am just in one of those moods. There was some news that.....just dropped me into my shoes today yet I am also so excited about some wonderful things in my life. It leaves me in this place where I don't know what I'm feeling anymore. I don't know what to do with myself and even knitting seems like too much effort tonight.

Anyway lets move on. A good thing in my life is that these came in the mail last week. Of course that means I want more solid coloured yarn.

I have also been working on the Inside Outside Sock finally this weekend. (I started the toe a while ago and stopped) I figure there is no longer a fear of spoilers so I will post this pic.

I'm not yet sure what I think of this pattern. I think I might like the inside more than the outside at the moment. I have knit the whole foot in 2.25mm and then after the ankle have moved up to 2.75mm. I know a few people who have decided not to knit the pattern given with the yarn but I have this thing about keeping the sock club yarn with the sock club pattern so as much as I am not "in love"with the pattern I will finish these.

I have also heard that a few people seem to not like the yarn colour at all. However this is exactly colours I would choose. So far my yarn is striping more than pooling which is interesting. I thought that might change when I changed needles but so far I still have stripes. I will have to see if sock number 2 is going to match.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen the 'inside out' sock on other blogs and think that it's really cool and I agree, I liked the inside better too! It's good to have books to look over when even knitting is too much effort (playing in your stash is something else that works well!)