Sunday, March 18, 2007

Are we there yet?/The story of Rapunzel

You start to get excited when you are getting close to having the pieces of a project finished. The excitement builds. "I can finish this tonight" you tell yourself, "all I have left to do is seam it and those little details".

You start to seam the shoulders and realize, "Oh yeah this pattern has an i-cord". No biggy. You begin the i-cord and read a little further into the pattern and it hits you ..."I have to do this for how long?" But we are knitters hear us roar and you persevere and the i-cord is complete. You sit back to admire the work and aside from a few little bumps (we are human knitters after all) you think that i-cord really does add a little something. I've gotta be done now.
Oh yeah...the border....the crochet border. Didn't the person who wrote this pattern know that I am a knitter with very limited knowledge of crochet? *sigh* With a little help from online crochet sites and a hunt around the house for a 3mm crochet hook (successful) you sit down to begin. "grr why did I ever mumble... who wrote th.. grumble....I'm not done yet?.. humph"
All in all...taking a few days longer than anticipated.

Rapunzel is done.

Date Started: Last year Sometime

Date finished: March 18th 2007

Pattern: Rapunzel from Rowan #34

Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic (colour 822 - Glacier)

Needles : 4.5mm addi turbos

I just have to find some buttons that I like. It was a long time coming and I am going to have to block it to make it longer because as you may see in the picture the "girls" are a little too big for this sweater. The rest of it fits comfortably though.

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