Saturday, March 03, 2007

Socks, Socks and Socks

If you saw Connie's blog on Thursday you would have seen our collection of unfinished pairs. In my determination to finish some of these socks I have finally finished the Pomatomus Socks

I think I started these socks back in May last year and set them aside for a very long time. This sock reminds me that our knitting is not always the same from one month, year or day to the next. These socks were knit on the same needles and I think they are very different but if I had just knit them when I started they may have been more similar and I would have been happier with them.

I am almost finished the second Whiskers and Paws sock. I love how rich the colours are. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in Old Rose ( I think that was the colour) I just have the toe decreases left YIPPEE!!!

I'm of to the bf's house now but he is going to be working lots this weekend so I will be knitting lots.

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