Monday, June 19, 2006


I gave in today and attacked that area that I call my office. Otherwise known as a corner of our unfinished basement. I have started to bring my things home from work so that I don't have to pack my car on the last day. Of course all of that stuff ended up on the floor, on my desk or on the futon in my "office.

Just so you understand. My "office" is where I have my desk, computer, shelves, all my teaching things, resources, art supplies etc. and of course all of my knitting stuff, yarn and all that.

I feel much better that I can see my Ikea rug again. (does it ever need a good vacuuming) I don't know where I'm going to have room for the rest.

So not too much knitting so far today...well.... none acctually. After dinner I plan to settle in and work my way through the hockey game. I want to watch the game but I don't follow hockey that much. I just hope that a Canadian team wins! GO EDMONTON!

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