Sunday, June 18, 2006

drowning my sorrows in yarn

Well I don't feel all that sorrowful but I am a little disapointed. Anne told me she figured I didn't get the job when I wasn't posting and she was right. I didn't get the job but I still feel positive.

That honestly wasn't the reason I haven't been on. My computer at home has been acting a little funny. I hope that there isn't a real problem. Then my bf goes and buys this laptop that I have been playing with all night and I want to keep it for my very own. Anyway my computer has been freezing and being funny since I was working in my report cards so I have had no patience. Do computers feel stress about report cards?

I do have some pictures to post but they are on my camera at home and I am at the bf's place for the weekend as usual. The Socks that Rock that the girls from the store and I ordered came in, and the koigu. Now we are just waiting for Emma to get her order and the Charlotte's web knit-along will begin.

I will post my pictures tomorrow. Well I guess because I can't sleep and am posting this at almost 2am it will be later today.

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Meghan said...

Hi Sarah,

Knitting is the best way to lift your spirits.

Things happen for a reason, I really believe that. I'm sure the next door that opens will be the perfect one for a creative, talented, hard-working woman like you! There are better opportunities to come!

(PS - I've got my Koigu all wound up and ready to start Charlotte's Web. I can't wait -- what a great project for all of us to do together!)

Happy knitting!