Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beautiful day for a sun burn

Yesterday was my cousin's baby shower. The blanket was done just in time. She seemed very happy with it and I hope it is comfort to the new baby when it arrives and for years to come.
Here are the finished pictures.

It was a fun afternoon. I worked on my trekk along sock and watched the kids (that I remember as infants) play with the water hoses until an over the fence ice cube war started with the kids next door. My uncle put a quick stop to it when the punks next door (who all had mouths on them that would shame a sailor) started throwing golf balls and bottles with water over the fence.

Today the trekking sock came with me to the car show where even in the shade of our tent I managed to get a little red round the shoulders. All of that aside today was a beautiful day. On the drive back to town I finished the sock.

I came back today and my dear dad has put the shelves up for my entertainment centre in my room. This is exciting because it doesn't have to sit on my chest anymore and I can get at the stuff that is in there. So I'm going to get ready for my birthday dinner with the knitting girls and maybe start to put stuff on the shelves. Thanks dad!!!!!

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