Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Money money money mon-EY

Perhaps it was the package that I raced to pick up today, or maybe the admission that more packages will be on the way, that spurred the dredded conversation with my mom. Some friends are having family trouble that has turned into financial trouble and now my mother fears for my future. Mom I love you but don't read this post.

She thinks I should be saving 1000$ every month. WHAT?? I know I am living at home still and don't have a huge amount of expenses but, starting out in my carreer isn't cheap either. I need clothes suitable for work, yarn, and supplies for work because I know where I am now is not where I will be (so I want it to belong to me and not to work and I pay for it myself) and of course there is yarn and yarn accessories.

The money conversation with my mother happens every few months or so and it is just as frustrating every time. It is all the same, it is unavoidable and it is impossible to escape from. My mother means well but I refuse to share about how much money i have, don't have, am getting etc. so at times she is talking about paying off my debt which I don't have. Anyway enough is enough because.....

The Koigu came today!!!!!!!

It is a little more brown than I thought. I was telling the girls at Unwind that I can't order any more green because those colours seem to always appeal to me, and that the koigu I ordered was all green. So when I ordered more koigu on the weekend I stuck to the browner kits. I love the colours and there is green in there but it is pretty brown. Does it sound like I am complaining?? cuz i'm not. I love brown just like i love green and blue and.... anyway you get it.

So Connie.... Meghan..... the knit-along is on...we just have to decide when to start.

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