Sunday, May 21, 2006

What a long weekend

Where should I start. I am at my bf's house for the long weekend and it has been rainning. Yuck. Orriginally my bf was going to have to work all weekend. I wansn't all that pleased about that so this morning whne he came home from work early I was very excited. He told me he was going to spend all day with me and all day tomorrow. How sweet right?

He is currently in bed sick (and sleeping again). I have been bringing him tea and soup all afternoon.I don't really mind but... so much for date night. Well on the bright side, maybe I can finish the vine and old shale silk scarf.

I went to visit Connie at the shop yesterday and picked up my colour of the Socks that rock in colourway Tanzanite. She has a pick on her sight of that colour wound. I have so many projects on the go and so many that I can't wait to start. What is a girl to do but stop blogging and get back to knitting.

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