Thursday, May 11, 2006

Taking inventory again

Things may be getting a little out of hand with me and starting new projects so This post is more to help me keep track of my progress and try to get some things knocked off the WIP list.

Here is the Cotton Angora I posted about. Sale and no pattern, a familiar tune to most of us.

Then the Trekking cam in at the store so I had to buy...

And my Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino came in. At least the one colour so I had to cast on.
This blanket in the green colour. I am not into the baby baby pastel colours in case you couldn't tell.

Ok and here is the checklist. I will be crossing things off I hope instead of adding the way I have been.

1. Pink Grad tee from Aaron
2. Red Gaunlets
3. Koigu sock
4. Trekking sock
5. Breast Cancer sock
6. Baby Sweater (hold because yarn is still on order)
7. Vines and Old Shale scarf (sea silk)
8. Baby Cashmerino Shawl (from Debbie Bliss Special Knits)
9. Rupunzel from Rowan

I even have to shake my head at myself here. There are so many projects waiting in the wings. Quite a few of them are gifts and need to be worked on soon. Yikes. I am going to find a comfertable spot now to sit and knit. I'm tired. It has been raining a good potion of the day (sorry about the quality of some of the pics).

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