Sunday, May 28, 2006

Car shows are good for knitting!

Today was my first car show of the season. We were out at Noyzboyz for a show today. Beautiful day and a good turn out too. We met one of my bf's friends and his dad this morning to drive down together. The first question that "Old Man" asked me was "did you bring your knitting Sarah". As if there was any question.

This is our little tent area. B-rad his dad "Old Man" and my bf. I had to edit out Old Man because as much as he is the eldest of the crew he is far from grown up.

Notice the bag by my seat. Hmmm what could that be.

This is my knitting of the day. I might even finish this sock before I head to sleep tonight. It is my Potatomus sock and it was hard to knit in the car. It teaches me to pay attention to my pattern and not get to confident that I don't need to look again just yet.

That is my bf's car in the background. One man at the show was talking to us and said..."are you knitting a sock?" I was amazed. Most of these guys ignore the fact that I'm knitting let alone can identify what said knitting actually is. Then he turns to my bf and says... "That's great, you can't find to many girls that knit now...Can she cook too?" I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

So that was our day. B-rad won best paint category. Old man was 2nd in exhaust and my bf won best body kit. I came home with a splitting headache that was making my eyes cry and a little bit of a sun burn. Over all a really good day and a great weekend.

Next weekend there is a show in Mount Albert my knitting and I will be there.


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